In live with the wrong man

I don't understand. I am a 37 year old female adjunct professor at a fairly liberal college. I'm the first to admit I'm am very progressive socially and politically. I met this man, 20 years older than me, who shut me up with his arguments. He left my head spinning. He is forceful and opinionated. He does not agree with my 'politics', and I can't support his.

That said, oil and water, I ended up under him and now I can't get over him. He uses the word 'serve', as in 'serve' me a cup of coffee. I use the word 'get', as in I will get you a cup of coffee. He uses 'my', as this is 'my' girlfriend (choke), I use 'my name is'. He is quick to 'spank' my butt. I get over the top mad about it but have yet to say anything.

Is this relationship the Titanic and the iceberg? The thought of not seeing him, of not being called, of not being in his arms scares me. I'm sure I'm irrational right now. How can you fall for a man who doesn't believe what you believe?

Mar 15, 2022

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  • It's like powerful men who liked to be beaten by women; you want the opposite to what you live because your "liberal" life isn't what you truly want to live. This man gives you something your college life cannot; a masculine force.

  • Just run with it, this may be what you need in your otherwise rational life...

  • Dumbass, it won’t work out!

  • You're just accepted what mother nature intended. Go with it and be free

  • You may not be as liberal as you think you are.

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