I’m in to you freak

You are an evil being. You have taken from me, used me as your chauffeur for years, then throw me a tenner like your doing me a favor. I now see why everybody in this town hates you! You like to ruin peoples lives with lies, That’s f’d up. You’re always the victim. You’re a selfish taker who tries to dictate everyone around her. Well your time is up! Get on your own damn feet and get the F out! You’re are mean, a cheater, and accuse EVERYBODY of abusing you. You’re also selfish! Don’t even think about f****** with me, I will get even til the end of time. Oh and there is this new invention it’s called soap. Use it, you f****** smell ALWAYS 🤮.

Mar 19, 2022

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  • Sounds like Monika Donalson

  • She’s insane

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