The Blonde who elected to drive me to the Red Lobster

I was working at the Telephone book customer service address change department. It was a Temp job that paid $11.25 an hour. I enjoyed the first 2 weeks working closely with the girl that trained me. A Southern Florida Bomb Shell that drove a five speed Toyota Celica a real looker if you know what I mean. She was hands down the most gorgeous female I had ever worked with in close proximity.
She trained me how to update the New Address into the system and send out a new Phone book. She also trained me how to take a phone call for address update but my priority was the data entry. It was easy pull up the record enter the new address hit some function and execute keys on the keyboard. Verify the new address and then click a few keys to send out the phone book. This was the last of the GTE directories 1993 was the year. Phone books would soon be on the decline but at this time they were still in high gear.
Sometimes a person would call in requesting a phone book sometimes a business would request a phone book for a different directory location. The permanent employees typically handled those situations but I was trained to do it as well. The beautiful girl found a better paying job and high tailed it. I remember coming to work and it was not as bright as it was when she was there it was a strange anomaly. To my right was a Red head with a full head of hear curly a rather oversized right on time rack and a little chunky on her thighs and hips her prego chubs added to her sexy. She was surely a 10 hands down before she got pregnant. Now she was no longer pregnant but she was horney. Behind me was a very slim snow bunny with long straight blond hair light blue eyes not even a hand full amount of b**** on her chest. Although my friend told me you can build up a flat chested girl you just have to work it keep working the b**** and they can be built up bigger over time. I think I took this to heart because the Red head to the right had a baby Daddy he appeared to be confident in his relationship with his red head woman. She was constantly flirting and I don't know how they all well all the floor employee's I was the only male working on the floor in a cubical the other male was the Division Manager. The permanent workers turned out to be all cool but they found out I had some kind of foot fetish and I don't know how. The red head she took advantage of it she was constantly slipping her shoes on and off and moving her feet around. I could not see the slender blondes feet from my seating position she was to the left but behind me. The day came with all employees both permanent and temporary was treated with a Lunch banquet at Red Lobster all you can eat. Each employee had to find there own transportation to the location. We would come to work and after and hour or so we would leave get into our car or car pool to the Red Lobster location in Brandon. When the driving details were given and the option for Car pooling with other employees to save gas was presented by management Shannon the slim blond also a Temporary employee like myself from the same agency spoke up. It was the first time in my life I realized a woman speaking up for me other than my Mother. She made the following statement. I'm driving and uh umm Attention ALL ! Sean will ride with me in my car! Yes Sean is riding with me that gas guzzling Mustang GT that he drives can relax in the parking space because I am driving and Sean is riding with me in my New 1993 white Nissan Sentra. The red head looked a little worked up that I was selected to ride with Shannon the Blonde car driver that I would have surely married if other things later did not happen. The moment Shannon stood up for me and made a statement of my car riding status I started to fall in love with her. I mean she stood up for me. The moment I got into her car and she started to go I realized she was a perfect match for me. The first thing she said was the red head was trying to get in front she was giving one of the perm employees a ride the red head was also a temp. She just happened to pull out faster from the parking lot. I think Shannon and I spent a few moments just staring at each other just a few extra seconds. I was happy riding with her and she seemed to be happy driving me. Shannon looked at me and said I may have to floor my car to make sure so and so does not beat us. I responded with do you Floor it often. She looked at me and said I floor it when I have to and I floor it when I want to I have a lead foot. She put her left foot on the brake and started pushing her right foot on the gas pedal. When the light turned green she floored it and her car accelerated faster than the red heads but the red head got caught by traffic. Shannon was quickly caught by traffic. It was stop and go all the way to the Red Lobster. Shannon was turning me on big time I love a girl that has a lead foot. She wanted to floor it for me but the traffic was too much. We got to red lobster and she said on the way out I will show you what my car can do. She knows a good spot that she can put her car to the test and show me her driving skills. When we sat down inside the Red Lobster the company had a private dining room reserved just for the Employees. Shannon and I walked in together she was right by my side like my girlfriend. When we sat down she sat extra close to me her knees were bumping mine. She had on a dress if I remember it was a dress that just passed the knees and she had on white pantyhose that were kind of see through.
We ate good it was all you can eat. The waitress brought out more and more as needed. Shannon and I coordinated our meal so we could have unlimited everything. I picked two items and she picked a different two items and we shared. Every time her knee bumped me or her foot tapped my leg a tingle went through my c***. The moment was approaching the unexpected. I carried the to go boxes that were bagged up. As I was the gentleman. I even opened her drivers door for her it was commented on later by some of the perm employee's on how much of a nice guy I was but where did Shannon zoom off to so fast with Sean in her car they also made remarks about. Shannon drove down Regency Grand blvd on the Left they had not even built the Best Buy building yet and somewhere around in there Shannon did some pedaling in her Nissan Sentra Automatic I think she even shifted it into 2 and put her car through the paces. It was rather impressive she looked me straight in the eyes and said not bad for an Automatic right? She pulled on the main road highway 60 and she took her shoes off flat black dress shoes she slipped off. She looked right at me and smiled. I glanced down at her bare feet with almost clear white pantyhose on and her toes were painted light pink. When the light turned green she she floored the gas pedal and it was a pretty sight. To see her pretty toes through the white pantyhose nylons was absolute eye candy. She looked at me and seemed to approve of the extra attention I payed to her feet. She floored it every time. She said she would make a deal with me she would do something nice for me if I gave her a foot rub. I responded to her with I can give good foot rubs. She pulls over before we get to the job. She pulls into a rather empty warehouse parking lot. She puts her car in park and quickly lifts her legs over the center console and places her feet right into my lap. Her feet landed right on my d***. I quickly grabbed one of her feet and started rubbing the soles with my thumbs. I massaged both her feet her toes the best that I could do even her ankles. It felt good to touch her feet through her nylons. They were soft and silky feeling. She just randomly started talking about she loves driving she had a stick shift 4 cylinder mustang but she blew the engine driving the h*** out of it all the time doing donuts and stuff. She pushed her right foot right against my h****** in my pants as she said I should let her drive my Mustang GT she would like to rev up that 5.0 V8 engine with this foot and again she flexed her right foot forward it made contact firmly against my hard c***. She said Your d*** is hard I can feel it with my foot. I asked her if she wanted to feel it all the way? She looked at me and said feel it all the way with my foot? I nodded my head and she said Yes I want to feel that d*** with my foot pull it out. I opened my pants and she reached her foot into my underwear and rubbed her foot on my d*** I felt the most amazing sensation with her nylon feet touching my d***. I let out a little pre c** on her pantyhose feet. She moved her feet down and leaned over to me and reached her hand over and grabbed my d***. She started stroking it with her hand and I felt like I was going to nut real fast but I did not. It took me a few minutes enough time that she stopped and took off her pantyhose and used part of it to rub my d*** and the moment the nylon material rubbed against my d*** I began to c**. She captured all the c** in her nylons. She looked at me and said we should do this everyday ! I was speechless. She drove back to work with her bare legs and bare feet. I leaned over and she did not mind that I watched her pretty toes push on the pedals gas and brake. She did not drive fast just casual. As we got close to the job she opened up something and pulled out another pair of white nylons and put them on they were stockings though and looked exactly the same she said nobody will know the difference. She looked great she told me to stop as I got out of the car and she fixed my shirt so it was right and she brushed her hand right over the front of my pants and rubbed against my d*** causing it to begin getting hard again. She reached her hand down and touch my d*** before we walked into the building it was hard, she said just walk behind me and then slide into your desk and you will be fine.

Dec 15

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