Woman wanting to bust me at the Beach with my Wife

My wife purchased this kids car from his dad. Well the kid was only 7 and thought the sports car his dad owned but was not driving was his car. Hist dad owed us money for several electric bills that my wife paid so the power would stay on for his family. She needed to buy our young maid/house keeper a car. She immigrated to America from Romania a few months ago. My wife got the car for $350 and cleared the electric bills debt. The car was parked behind our privacy gate it got it a fresh detail and a new stereo system. Around 2 pm after the school bus dropped off the neighborhood children. We heard a loud cry outside "my daddy sold my car" the kid screamed for about 45 minutes.
When the crying stopped we heard the kid deepen his voice like he was an older teenager. He said "my daddy sold my car and he will be arrested in a few minutes". I looked at my wife and she looked at me with a nervous look. We looked out the window and saw the kids father being put into the back of a police cruiser. My wife suggested it would be a good weekend for us to get away and go to the beach. I grabbed our hotel coupon book that we always got from Mcdonalds. I found a weekend deal for the Thunderbird our favorite place to go on Treasure Island beach. I called and booked our room we always get lucky and get the same room. It had a nice view and was on the 2nd floor. The room was on the Biltmore hotel side so we would go to the outdoor beach bar at the Biltmore it had live music. The Thunderbird had a bar jazz room but it was inside and smokey. We gave our Maid the keys to her car and she moved the car and sat in it on the street so we could pull our vehicle out and make a dash to the beach. As we were pulling out the kid had just ran out and was questioning our maid about the car. We heard her yell at him that it was her car now and she gave the engine a powerful rev. The kid looked like he was about to have a heart attack. He mubbled those people Maid got my car and she hurt the engine with her high heels.
Our maid was a very ** woman she came to work with very ** high heels and ** outfits but she worked hard. We let her handle the kid. As we finally turned out of the neighborhood we heard another kid say His daddy sold his car. When we got on I275 my wife and I started laughing so hard I was laughing so hard my stomach got cramps. I laughed all the way to the beach to myself at times on how ridiculous this kid was at 7 years old talking like it was his car his daddy sold it etc. After we watched the sunset we ran into a lady that my wife made brief conversation with she was a little woman about 5 foot 1 and had a Texas mouth on her. My wife sent me down to the bar to go get us drinks and bring back to the room. She did not want to go down she wanted to chill in the room. She wanted me to go get it at the Biltmare outdoor bar they made her drink just right. As I walked over to the Biltmore just a few foot steps from our hotel I laughed to myself again about that kid. Still smiling I walked into the Tiki bar and as I ordered our drinks I noticed the lady we met earlier. She said hey am a daughter of a confederate soldier, yeah I am what do you think about that. I looked at her and said, I think that is great. she responded with oh yeah you think so, where is your wife? You left her cooped up in that hotel room while you come down to get a drink.
I didn't want to explain myself but she came across with that assertive Texas tone I explained that I was getting drinks for both of us to bring back to the room. She looked at me and said "Bring your wife down here I want to talk to her. " As I walked by her with our drinks she pointed her ** at me. I'll be here waiting. I nodded my head and got a good look at her she was very **. She had this ** mini dress on her legs were skinny and she had on these black stilettos that showed off her foot. She caught me taking an extra look at her feet and toes and she said "uhmm hmm I thought so just bring your wife down here. " I walked out of the Tiki bar and stepped foot onto the Thunderbird property and immediately got nervous. When I got back to the room my wife and I drank our drink and we started watching T.V. My wife decided she wanted another drink I took to long to get up so she got up and started to get ready to go down. I jumped up thinking I better go get it. She decided that we were going to go down there together. When we walked into the Biltmore tiki bar they had opened up the sitting area with small tables covered with a heavy white table cloth extra thick to stay down when the wind blew. I looked over to the bar and my stomach dropped the lady was still there. She yelled its about time walked up to my wife and gave her a hug. She said I told him not to leave you cooped up in that hotel room. She steered my wife to a Table where the three of us sat down. They started playng live music and it got fairly packed for a while and this happened. Her foot came up and rested on my seat between my legs. My wife never noticed it but I was very nervous. I thought to myself for a while if my wife some how notices this she might fight. I could see the lady saying something like oh my god I am so sorry I didn't mean to , and why didn't he say something this whole time I have had my foot up on that chair between his legs. I got another nervous flash when I thought that she was going to tell my wife " Crazy thing but I have had my foot up on your husbands chair by mistake this whole time and he did not even say anything. I tried to relax so I sat back in my chair and was completely dominated by this woman. She started to move her foot every now and then pushing it forward and tapping my **. It gave me an ** I continued to try to act like nothing was happening. When my wife got up to go to the bathroom she gave me a mini ** and then took her foot down. She said I passed her test she won't bust me I was safe for tonight. She would not mention anything. They made plans to lay out together on the beach around 10am. We parted ways she hugged my wife and gave me a poke in my side that my wife did not notice.
When we got back to the room I had amazing ** with my wife thinking about how that woman dominated me with her foot between my legs propped up on my chair without my wife noticing.

Jan 27

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