My wife is the fastest woman on earth it all started with spy cam

Placing a hidden camera covertly can result in life changing consequences. When I placed the camera inside my own vehicle under the drivers seat the only thought I had was capturing video footage of my sexy roommate driving the car barefoot. I had a foot fetish that manifested into a strong attraction to sexy women driving aggressive barefoot. I was aroused by the sight of a woman's barefoot touching the pedals of a car and that arousal was intensified if she was revving the engine hard and/or pushing the pedal to the metal and accelerating the car very fast. I met my roommate Brianna in college and we linked up as study partners. I had a thing for her ever since the first day I met her and she gave me a ride to the Satellite classrooms in a business complex about a 15 minute walk from the main campus. My first class was located there so I parked at the Satellite campus. The first thing I noticed upon getting into her Nissan 240sx was her slipping off her sandals to drive barefoot. She had beautiful feet it was hard to see her feet work the pedals from the passenger seat the dashboard and center console was blocking. I could see her left foot push the clutch in because she had a stick shift. I really wanted to see her right foot as it pushed on the gas pedal. She revved her car's engine up rather aggressively. I could only use my imagination to create a vision in my head as to how sexy her foot was stomping on the gas pedal hard while she revved her engine. As long as I can remember this was the typical let down I got from this fetish. I could be so close but just could not see the foot going crazy on the gas pedal. The following year when Fall classes started Brianna and I decided to split the cost of a really nice two bedroom Apartment. I had developed a crush on her but never told her my true feelings because I did not want to mess up our living situation as roommates. A few months after moving in together the engine in her Nissan 240sx blew up. She did not have the money to fix it or replace it so I gave her my car to drive until she was financially able to deal with her car situation. I really let her use my car because I was hoping my car be a gateway to her and I hooking up. I had this dream that we would some how go from being roommates to a boyfriend/girlfriend couple. My car a mint condition Acura RSX type S was almost as hot as her Nissan 240sx minus a Turbo. She loved the car it was all she talked about the first couple weeks she started driving it. She was constantly hugging me thanking me even telling me some detailed driving stories that happened while she was driving it. It usually involved her mentioning she had to floor it and she loved the way it handled accelerated everything. The stories she told me about driving my car would always turn me on and get me a h******. A couple weeks passed and she hardly mentioned anything about the car or driving stories. She was hardly at home she had picked up a part time job and with a full time class schedule she was rather busy.She was hardly at home she had picked up a part time job and with a full time class schedule she was rather busy.
I used my bicycle to get around but I also had a second vehicle that I hardly drove a Super Snake Mustang. I only drove it when biking was not an option. I had a lot of time on my hands and I started to think about Brianna all the time. I thought about her driving my car and her pretty barefeet. I had thought about secretly installing a spy cam in the car to record her feet pushing the pedals. I even bought a camera set up that was designed for automobile application perfect for what I wanted. I just could not get an opportunity with my car to install it. Brianna was always on the move. She was either driving to classes or her part time job. The only time I saw my car was at night when she came home to sleep sometimes she would not even come home she would just crash at a girlfriend's house. I assumed girlfriend I don't know why I did that. She never mentioned a boyfriend or seeing anyone. It was the weekend after fall semester had ended that Brianna called me frantic that my car's engine was having problems starting and the same time a rough vibration was coming from the engine. That night the car would not start for her so she had it towed to a local mechanic that I used previously for my Mustang. It turned out a Motor mount broke and the engine was losing compression from one of the cylinders. So it needed major work done to the Head valves and machine work. The total repair bill was $1600.00 I immediately authorized it and told Brianna I would cover it. The mechanic mentioned the ECU had recorded a recent Engine over speed event that more than likely caused the problem. I never gave a second thought about it. Brianna looked very sexy and I looked at it as an investment into a possible future between Her and I. I looked at the car as a way to spoil her and use the car to get her to like me more so we could be together as lovers. It was going to take about a week to get the car back because the Mechanic was backed up and the machine shop that had to do some work to the engine block or head was also behind.
I had a plane ticket to travel home and visit my family for the whole week. I told Brianna she could use my Mustang until the car was done but she would have to drop me off to the airport . When I came home I would just take the airport shuttle ride home. She would not have to pick me up. I gave her the key to my Mustang and we went back inside. She went straight into her bedroom and a little while later she wanted me to go with her to star bucks for a coffee and we could hang out a bit. She said we never hang out anymore . She grabbed my arm like I was her boyfriend and we walked out to the Mustang. She looked very beautiful she had a long skirt that went past her knees and a Hollister tank top and sandals with little shiny jewels on it. Sitting in the Mustang she looks at me and tells me she is going to take her sandals off to drive better. So they don't get caught on the pedals. She had already started the engine and as she took her sandals off I leaned over to glance down at the pedals and her feet. She put her right barefoot directly onto the gas pedal and she looked at me and said am going to rev it up. I told her to rev it hard. I watched her foot push down on the gas pedal her toes spread across it and she pushed the pedal and revved it a couple times. I said come on you can do better than that. She saw me looking at her foot and i played it off by pointing my finger to her foot and I said push that gas pedal all the way down a couple times rev it hard! She did just that her foot went all the way to the floor a couple times and my Mustang had revved so hard it had my head spinning . I locked into my memory the sight of her foot pushing that gas pedal. We walked into Star bucks together and I felt like we were really hitting it off she was walking right next to me and even in the line I felt like she was constantly bumping me and touch me. I loved it we hung out at starbucks talking about everything for about an hour and a half. I started to think about my camera set up and that I had to use this last chance to install it on the car before i left town so I could get video footage of her feet working those pedals it would be perfect she won't even know. I told her that I was going to have to use the car when we got back to visit a friend of mine for a couple hours tonight when we get home. I was going to use this time to actually go visit a friend who would help me install the camera in the car. I met him online and he also had a foot fetish he was the one that gave me the information on this certain camera kit. I get home late and went straight to bed my flight was mid morning so I could sleep in. I ended up taking an Uber to the airport because Brianna mixed up her work schedule and had to be at work and could not call in late because there was an important work meeting. On the airplane flight and even the whole week I was visiting my family I had one thing on my mind. I could not wait to get home so I could see the video of Brianna driving my Mustang with her pretty bare feet filming in HD on the pedals!! It was all I could think about the whole time. I almost forgot my friend who helped me with the Camera left a text that he went to his Uncles mechanic shop where my Acura was getting repaired and he confirmed that he did Install the camera under the drivers seat as he promised. He had an extra camera kit and only asked that I share the video footage of the pretty lady's feet . I had exactly 48 hours to go until I was scheduled to get on the return flight home. I had one thought on my mind that was I can not wait to get Home and retrieve the small box that held the video recordings. I would be looking at some very sexy feet my sexy roommate pushing the pedals I could not wait to see the video. I return home and I found my Mustang car key hanging on my bedroom door k*** with a note. It read here is your car key back and thank you love for everything I do not know what I would do without you. Your car is running really good. You won't see me until Sunday night am working a double and crashing at my friend's house. I grabbed the key and rushed out to my Mustang and grabbed the recording unit that held the video footage from the secret spot locked the car doors an jogged back into my apt. I felt so f****** excited about this hidden video footage like a child opening up a Christmas present. It was a little bit shady but it was not unlawful. It was just her feet working the pedals of my own car. I did not film her in a compromised situation she was not filmed changing her clothes or in the bathroom and her face is not even on the video. Just her pretty little feet! I thought about all the times I rode shot gun with her but all I could see was her left foot pushing the clutch. continued on part 2

Dec 27

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