** for a Bicycle

I ran into a girl from High school several years ago. I kind of sorta had a crush on her in high school. We never hooked up we just goofed around and talked a lot. She took me for a ride in her 4 cylinder Mustang she drove all around town and then we picked up my Dodge Daytona it had a 4 cylinder also and she drove it all over town. She told me her Dad was a sheriff and was an ** to any of the guys she brought around and it would probably be a bad idea if I came around because she was white and I was black. We talked on the phone often and in classs all the way until I graduated high school early as a January Grad. The last time I saw her back in those high school days was probably right after my class of 1993 graduated in May. Lisa had just Graduated and she got a new car as a graduation gift it was a Mazda MX3 stick shift. She knew I had a thing for girls driving stick and barefeet. So she pulls up to the garden center at kmart and beeps her horn I come out and see her driving her new car and back in the day a this Mazda mx3 was a sweat looking car for a girl when it was new. I Noticed her Penny Loafers on the passenger seat and she was driving barefeet. She had just learned stick shift. She told me to jump in and she take me for a ride real quick and bring me back. I moved her shoes off the passenger seat and got in I think I held her shoes on my lap because the car was a very small cart I do not think there was a backseat. Lisa looked hot driving the little car i looked at her barefeet on the pedals and her feet were pretty she pushed the clutch in a lot. I asked her to rev it and she did . I wanted to have ** with her and I think she did too. I had to go back to work, jerked off a few times thinking about her. I liked her a lot and sometimes I would be sitting in class horney as ** looking at her and she would look back at me and had this smile about her and this connection was hard to explain. So after that day in 1993 it was about 16 years later that I connected with her again. I chatted her up on myspace and I went over to her house she lived down the road from where I was living . It was her daughters 15 birthday and I pretty much stayed for the whole birthday. I stayed all the way until there was just no option for Lisa and I to have some private time together because her daughter had a sleep over and it was going to be all night. She also had a son who was a year or two younger than her daughter he was a good kid both her children seemed alright they both liked me. The cool thing about her son is he had the same name as me and spelled it the same . I finally went home when it was about so late that there was no chance i was going to get a little extra close to Lisa. i just wanted to put my arms around her and kiss her in a moment of privacy. She showed me her shed in the backyard and she had just bought a set of bicycles for her , her ex and the kids. The ex had been gone for sometime he was completely out of the picture. I mentioned I needed to get a bike. Lisa came over to my house the following or next day and she brought the bicycle that was her ex she said he never rode it it was in perfect condition. She said it was cool to give it to me because she paid for it so it so it was her property. She unloaded it from her Jeep Cherokee with a Diesel engine kind of a bad ** 4 wheel drive jeep cherokee. She came upstairs to my bedroom and she hung out. The day I went to her house I was patient she kept telling me to wait wait wait we would have a moment together. I waited I was very much patient I waited all night. When I realized it wasn't going to happen because her daugher's birthday party was a sleep I still stayed until the final end. She came to my house and she brought me the bicycle and she was sweet. We ** and that was that.

Mar 20, 2022

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