This happened in 2015.
I was cleaning my cabin cruiser at the marina when my boat neighbors came by with friends. Instantly the women tried to get me hooked up with Luna.
Luna is not my type but being polite I joined them for drinks.
She’s an emo goth chick and 25. I was 37 and divorced for 4 years.
She was wearing a black bikini and was skinny with pale skin, sleeve tats, left side of her hair was shaved smooth and long on the right side with pink, red and blue color. She was wearing a big hat to protect her skin from the sun.
My first impression was she’d smoked too much weed.
Luna was staying with them because she had a recent break up and no place to go.

My friends had a wedding to attend and I agree to entertain Luna for the rest of the day. Anyone want to guess what happened next? We took the boat out, had ** all day and she ended up moving in with me for 6 months.

She didn’t have a regular ‘job’. She just sewed emo goth style cloths and sold them. During the 6 months she lived with me, I can’t recall anyone buying anything. Plus, she didn’t do anything to help out around the condo. It was obvious my friends had unloaded her on me.

Why did I let it go on for 6 months?
Luna was a freak in the bedroom! She’s into role play, **, no limits! Plus, she’s bi-sexual! Anytime I wanted **, she put out! It’s hard to kick a woman out like that. The first time I got frustrated with her for not helping out by washing a dish or just starting a load of laundry, I came home to her and her BFF. That was my first MFF and the first of many we had. When I say ‘no limits’, I mean NO LIMITS! lol

The moment things got weird.
We were doing a 'school girl' role playing one night. She was wearing an asian sailor style school girl outfit on Amazon. She dressed it up NICE! She wore it with white thigh highs and heels. I was washing dishes when she came out of the bedroom wearing it. She handed me a piece of paper and said, “Here’s my report card daddy! My gym teacher gave me a B in oral and C in **.” Ok the ‘daddy’ statement caught me off guard. But then she said, “Daddy, I need practice to make a better grade next time. Will you help me?” There’s the ‘daddy’ thing again. I played along and we were having nasty ** and I was in the middle of doggy when she said, “Harder Glen! Harder Glen!”
BTW I’m not Glen.
She kept saying naughty stuff with “Glen” until I finished!
I later asked ‘who’s Glen?’ She told me Glen is her real dad! That creeped me out!
She explained when she lived at home, she could hear her parents having ** and her mom would say that stuff to her dad.
Off the scale weird.
One thing about Luna, she has no boundaries and you can ask her anything.
I asked if she’d ever had ** with her dad. She said, “No but I wouldn't see anything wrong if I did. after all d&*k is d&*k.” The look on my face said it all.
She added, “Don’t you think it’d be beautiful for my womb to be filled with the same seed that created me?”
That’s when I had a reality check and started looking to get out of this situation.
Thankfully a few weeks later, she’d went to a cosplay event and met a girl and moved in with her. WHEW!

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  • I'm sure you realize how lucky you were. She could've gotten pregnant, or given you a disease, or accused you of abuse, or god knows what else. And you're really really lucky that she left. Hopefully lessons learned.

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