In love with my best friend..

I’m in love with my best friend. I wasn’t always the majority of our friendship and this only happened 3 years ago, but it won’t go away. Oh sure there’s loads of l*** which she often seems to enjoy and there’s obsessive thoughts at times, but it’s just her. We’ve never had s** but almost did years back.

I’m good at separating things in life and burying them, but this is dominating my thoughts more than usual. Being in my field and having common sense that isn’t ever really a good thing often, but with this it’s necessary. It’s even gotten so bad I just want to watch her and her idiot husband have s** just to see her enjoying herself or at least naked. This is a new one.

I’ve seen and heard them have s** before as they were swingers and seem to secretly with close friends enjoy people knowing or seeing (even if one sneaks a peek, evidently I’m not alone here), albeit even if secretly then lie about it. It’s a game or mutual kink between them in my eyes, but she’s gone straight from that now and trying to be a good girl.

Seems she’s kidding herself but at least she’s trying. Still, even that old her turns me on because she’s so hot and yummy. The latter is an understatement. She’s essentially screwed every male friend she’s ever had but me. She used to be a bad girl but I never cared to much even though I often was the one that reigned her in as I’m the bestie. Not having s** even if once, this is my fault because..well over a decade ago for some strange reason I said s** would ruin the friendship. I was half joking as my textbook smirk was showing.

I know abnormal for a guy to say such a thing who isn’t uptight, snobby or pathetic as not my style but I amazingly said it. The funny thing is with our personalities it wouldn’t have at made a dent at all with things, but I said it. Never thought much about it afterwards until missing getting it on with her, then her kid came home and ruined it.

We have phone s** often because I drive women nuts with my voice. Drives her insane and she’s assisted to it. I guess she figures it’s safe but it always gets her off quick compared to her hubby. Not surprising. He doesn’t know how to go down on a girl and the bloke is 46! Hilarious but the girl deserves better. I do that better than the majority as it is. She talks about wishing we were lovers but I know what I said all those years ago finally rang true on her ears but I know it’s because she used to be a nympho. We’re both bipolar so this is a normal thing. Still, the constant fantasies, flirtations as we both are are still rampant but harmless compared to days of old but it lingers..

Mar 21

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  • I don't know who you are however, you seem like a decent gentleman.
    Respecting the boundaries of marriage is the right thing to do although, you believe your best friends husband is a imbecile.
    You have fallen in love with her and right now this is a big dilemma for you.
    If phone s** fulfils that empty void you are experiencing, by not being able to be physically/emotionally/spiritually intimate with her, then enjoy whatever privileged spot you have in her life.
    It must be so hard for you to have someone you can't touch! ~ I feel for you.

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