The first time I seen a woman wearing thongs with pantyhose!

This happened ten years ago when I was 15 years old and still a virgin.

Cindy, Alex’s mom is a definite spinner. She’s tiny, short & hot as F**K! She’s from a small coastal town in SC and met Alex’s dad in college. He’s a cardiac surgeon and they lived in Savannah, GA until he offered a promotion to transfer to a hospital in North Atlanta.
Cindy’s a realtor and pulled strings to get transferred too. Her only stipulation for the move was the new house had to have a large pool because she’d always lived near the ‘sunny coast’. Since she was a realtor, she picked the perfect house in our neighborhood.
As a compliment, Cindy could pass for a p*** star. She’s almost 5ft tall, a bottle blonde, blue eyes, tiny waist, nice tan, belly ring and huge bolt on b****! I don’t know the size but they’re huge. She didn’t wear much makeup, didn’t need to. She had light freckles on her cheeks and only wore red lipstick. If it was warm outside, Cindy was out back working on her tan or doing yoga. The first time I seen her in a bikini I had to struggle to hide my b****! I will admit she was the star of numerous fantasies and dreams.

Their house had a theater room that Alex and I would game in when his dad was gone.
Cindy did most of her work from home and had a home office on the same side of the house across from the theater room.
She was cool and told us we could invite girls over anytime to swim. First, Alex was new to the area and didn’t know anyone. Second, I was a dorky nerdy guy that never had luck talking to girls. Plus, most girls in my class were into girls.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Alex’s dad was at the golf course while Alex and I were gaming. Cindy was wearing a bikini and had been outside swimming laps and sunbathing. She interrupted our game to say she’d made sandwiches in the kitchen and she’d got called into work. One of the realtor’s was doing an open house and was notified of a family emergency. She asked Cindy to come by to finish up and to collect the signs.

We were in the kitchen when Cindy came in spun around and said, “I had to rush so how do I look?” She was wearing a gray mid thigh business skirt suit that was very tight. Her white silk top was also very tight. The jacket was unbuttoned and the look enhanced her massive b****. She was wearing a pair of beige high heel shoes with a red sole that made her look much taller. I admit it was nice getting her approval to check out her perfect body.
I’m sure she was aware I was soaking everything in. Alex said, “Your left leg has a run.” She stuck her left leg out and her pantyhose had a run from her calf and went up her skirt. She said, “Darn it! I go through a thousand pair of these a year. Thanks sweetie, I’m going to put on a new pair then I’m out of here.”

I’d left my phone in the theater room and went to get it.
This part only lasted for a few seconds but remember every detail like it had just happened.
I came out of the theater room and seen Cindy was standing in the middle of her home office with her skirt hiked up over her waist and adjusting her pantyhose. She caught me looking but I quickly turned my head.
She said, “Hey! Don’t be shy. Do you have a second?” I kept my head turned and said, “Sure”
She said, “I REALLY need to put a full length mirror in this room. Sweetie, can I borrow your eyes? It’s OK to look this way. You’ve seen me in a bikini. ”
She was barefoot and with the skirt still hiked up, she stood on her tippy toes, twisted her tiny butt toward me and said, “Do you see any runs?” OMG! She was wearing a white thong under the pantyhose! I had pitched a full tent and became frozen. I couldn’t adjust myself and I’m sure she noticed. It took me a second to answer. She smiled, winked and kept wiggling her tiny butt at me. She said, “Well…do I?” I nodded ‘no’. She said, “You’re a sweetheart! Thanks for your help." She pulled the skirt down, put on her shoes and left.
Looking back, I guess she kept her work suits and cloths in her home office.
I wish I could embellish this story and say that she gave me oral and we followed up with crazy s** but I can’t.
I see Cindy from time to time. I swear she doesn’t age and still looks AMAZING!
I have the image of her tiny butt wiggling at me in my head to this day!

Dec 12

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