Young man growing up in the country way back when

I grew up in a rural part of the state. Small towns, mostly rural jobs. We lived on a small farm helped out by my grandfather's disability checks. We were poor, but never went hungry. As a teen I earned money doing jobs for other small farmers and from time to time in the small town about five miles away. To get to town the the shortest way was to follow the abandoned railway tracks.

After I finished high school I worked full time on the farm, and made cash money doing odd jobs now and then. On that spring morning I went to town on an errand to buy some hardware for my grandfather. Along the tracks I came upon this man who was standing on the tracks peeing. He was leaning back trying his best to make it over the other rail. He saw me and when he finished he held his 'pecker' in his hand and offered it to me. He let go of his pants and they fell down to his ankles and stood there naked from the waste down offering me his pecker.

As a farm boy I can assure you I was familiar with peckers and with girl's 'intimates' too. Not much to do on the farm and modesty was somewhat lax. But I had never had a pecker offered to me, or had a man stand and show it off. I got aroused, I could feel it in my pants, and I froze and was at a total loss for words. He told me to get closer and as I walked closer I could see that he was hard and he asked me if I wanted to grab it and show him a good time.

There are moments, and this was surely one, when you just don't know what to do. I was overcome with a feeling of naughtiness, I will call it that. I grabbed his pecker with my hand and holding it out there on the tracks made me feel naughty in every way. So naughty that I did not want to let go. The man grabbed my pants, where my pecker was and when he felt that it was hard he whistled and said we should rub our peckers together.

We stood on the tracks, with our pants down around our ankles rubbing our peckers together. After a while, I guess it was a long while, he told me to turn around and put my hands on my knees and he got behind me and started to rub his pecker up between my cheeks. It felt so good I remember and when he started spit of me and using his finger to rub his spit on my hole I had a tremble go through me. He got up close and I held onto my knees and I felt his pecker go right up my ass and I thought it was going to come out my throat.

I have to admit that standing there in the open with this man giving it to me bent over like that was just about the dumbest thing a young man can do. But it was also just about the naughtiest thing a young man can do and for all of the things people say it was the finest feeling a young man can have.

Once it was over it was over and we picked up our pants and he told me he was passing through and I gave him directions to get out to the state highway where he was going to hitch a ride. I walked on down the tracks until I got to the cut off and went into town for the errand I was sent to do.

Of course I am talking about what happened back then when I was a young man, before I got a job working for the munitions plant. I've kept that memory for all this time, because it is the naughtiest thing I ever done, and damn it felt so damn good but I didn't try it again until I was retired when the plant closed. The farm where I grew up had been sold for a quarter century and little town down the tracks wasted away and I had moved into town and worked part time in the lumberyard where I met a man who showed me his pecker and this time I knew just what to do. Damn it just feels so good and that feeling of being naughty just makes it the right thing to do.

Mar 24

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