Hippie girl

Just recolecting, when i was a kid i lived with my mom and her bf in a small duplex. they were hippie types, he was a photographer and my mom was a bookkeeper.

they didn't have what we call boundries now, he had taken the doors off the bathroom and the two bedrooms, and walking around the house nude was ok with them. he and mom were at it a lot, when ever he would stand and speak with her he always would rub her between her legs, and she would stroke him over his pants. when they sat together he always had his hand under her b***.

many times, i mean many times, when they were watching tv (before remotes) she would just go down on him and give him a bj. i can't remember how many times i saw her ride him and all i could see was how his d*** went in and out of her, she would spread her ass and then pucker up. they went at it a lot, and hearing them and watching them was just part of the house.

when i started to develop, and my boobies came, my mom would tell frank to leave me alone, that i was too young to f***. but frank looked at me and he wanted me. he started touching my p**** like he did mom's and he would take my hand and put it on his d***. he would tell that when i was ready he would initiate me.

by the time i was 14 i was pretty developed and had a full bush. one afternoon after school frank took me and pulled me down on top of his lap and grabbed my b****. he told me to rock on his lap so that he could get a h******. he pressed me down and dry humped me and told me it was time, and he pushed me up and took my shorts and panties off and released his d***, and pulled me on his lap and showed me how to get it in.

he helped me until i had it in all the way, and told me to rub by b**** while i rocked on him. it felt so good, i couldn't believe how good. i must have smiled alot and he rocked with me, until his eyes changed and he pulled me h****** to his chest, put his finger on my butt hole and f***** me until he came.

when my mom came home from work, we must have looked guilty as s***, because the first thing she told frank was, 'you f***** her didn't you?'. she told him if he had knocked me up she was going to cut his pecker off.

the next day she took me to a woman friend of hers and they put me on the pill. frank and i would f*** a lot in the afternoon. i got to the point where i could do most anything and liked experimenting to find what i liked. we did it a lot, but what i really liked was when he took over and his eyes got wierd and he held me so i couldn't move and he just f***** me.

one morning, when my mom was in the shower, and i was on the bed with frank, he got weird and f***** me, and my mom came out and caught us in the act. she didn't say anything until later when she told me to get my own bf, because frank was f****** me so much that he didn't have any left for her. after that, frank and i cooled it off a lot. i got this bf who was a musician, but quite frankly (oops) i really preferred frank. he just got so intense when he f*****.

my mom and frank lived all their lives together, never married. i moved on, went to college, got a teaching degree and teach school. i am really prim and proper now, but i remember with great pleasure those days growing up. and, yes to this day, no one has lived up to frank. he just knew how to f*** a girl.

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  • wheres the stupid f*** who comes along and says something like "why would this be a fake... it must true because its on a confession site...", you know the stupid w**** who believes everything she reads! but this is a FAKE! bring back the fake express because this as derailed in lies.

  • yeah fake as f***.

  • Bullshit story

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