My brothers friend

More so for him than me, I was at home laying in bed and was chatting with a guy, I was flashing him my b**** and he asked to see more so I had my phone under the blankets showing him the goods, Just then I heard my brothers bedroom door open so I locked my screen and tucked my phone under my pillow, I was going to turn off my lamp but just then my brothers friend walked by my room so I just laid there, After he walked by I was going to turn off my light but I was a bit h**** from chatting and I know he has had a bit of a crush on me for a couple years so I decided to try and see if I could tease him a bit so I rolled onto my stomach and flipped a leg over on top of my blankets so he could see my bum.
I laid there for a couple minutes and could hear him peeing as I giggled, He washed his hands and came out of the bathroom, Turned off the light and I laid watching in the mirror, He walked past and looked in but didn't stop, I could hear his foot steps stop and he didn't go into my brothers room. I was totally surprised at how excited I was getting over it but I could see him peek around the corner into my room after a minute or two and then he looked around and then stood in the doorway. He was standing there grabbing himself through his shorts and he tried peeking at my face to see if I was awake but I had my face hidden.
I had my blankets tucked between my legs to hide my vag but didn't really think about it until later but the way I was laying he could probably see my butt hole and he stepped closer, Tried to look at my face, Stepped closer and tried again. I could see him as he looked at my butt then leaned down trying to look between my legs, His eyes got wide and there was an obvious bulge in his shorts, He whispered "Tracy...Tracy...Tracy", I just laid there and didn't do much, I felt him run his finger across the bottom of my foot and thank goodness my feet aren't ticklish.
He tip toed to my door and I thought he was going to leave but he looked into the hall and then came back, Whipped his little pecker out through the front of his shorts, I am not trying to be rude, It actually is pretty small but he was standing by the foot of my bed and kept getting closer and closer to my bum as he just held his wiener in his hand. I decided to give him a real show and adjusted my body pulling my blankets out of the way and sticking my bum out so he could see my vag from behind.
From the look on his face I thought he was going to blow his load right then but he stood there staring at my bum, He put his fist up to his mouth and bit his finger then looked back at my door and then at me and then down at his b**** and sneaked right up beside my bed, He leaned over looking at my vag and started jerking his skinny little b**** and looking at me, I couldn't see his other hand and it surprised me a bit making me twitch when he touched my butt, He froze mid j*** and his eyes got wide. I hadn't really contemplated him touching but I had gone that far so I decided to let him.
He touched my bum again and I was much more ready then so he stayed more relaxed and I could see him looking as he touched, He ran his fingers across my cheeks and then he brushed his finger across my lips, I swallowed quietly and I was all good with his light touching until he touched my butt hole, That threw me off and I didn't like it but I thought maybe it was an accident but when he did it again and then pressed his thumb against it rubbing it I either had to end it all there or change his mind so when he did I wiggled a bit and he got the hint and didn't try for it again for a bit.
He did however start rubbing my lips a little and I could totally feel myself get wet, He started getting a bit weird but it was working for me, I haven't really done too much so I was ok with it, I have a little bit of more inner l**** that shows than some of my friends but no one has ever complained, He started pinching and pulling my inner l**** just softly and then found my hole with his finger and started slipping it in and out soft and slow and then he pulled his finger out and I could feel his breath as he...smelled me. He put his finger back in and leaned in licking my butt hole a few times, it was all getting a bit weird so I moved and adjusted myself and he stood perfectly still like he thought I wouldn't be able to see him.
I rolled onto my back and let him see my b**** but I spread my legs for him so he could touch some more, He waited a minute and I felt him pulling and licking my inner l**** and then he slipped a finger back in me and started licking my nipps, He was getting kind of jerky in his movements but I wasn't really paying attention as I peeked at him jerking and then all of a sudden he grunted and I watched him blow his load, I have never seen a guy j*** it before and that was also the first time I have ever seen a guy come, I felt his warm, Sticky load hit me on my side and up onto my stomach. I was a bit sad and he took his hand wiping it off my side and scooping it all up onto my stomach and then he rubbed his hand across my b*** which kind of grossed me out but then he ran his hand down and basically wiped his whole load on my vag and shoved a finger in me.
I was like WHOA WTF!!!! and I rolled over away from him, I looked in the mirror and seen him sneak out of my room so I quickly grabbed a towel off my floor and wiped myself off. I waited about 10 minutes feeling gross with his dried sticky c** all over me but then I got dressed and went to the basement shower and cleaned up. I came back to my room and closed the door quietly and went to sleep.
I hope I don't get knocked up, That might be hard to explain since I am single right now.

Jun 12, 2019

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