How Do I Tell My Kids I'm an Adult Baby

Yes, I'm weird. Yes, I'm a Mom. Yes, I'm an adult baby too. I have two kids. My boy is 21 and my girl is 19. I thought this would be a good time to tell them. I'm a ABDL, Adult Baby Diaper Lover.

Where do I begin? I’m exactly the kind of parent that people expect me to be. Just like all parents, I eventually wanted to have a break from my kids for some me time. I soon found out what to fill my free-time with, being just like my kids, a baby. I kept it hidden from my children for a long time. Good for me.

I did tell my husband first thing about wanting to be an adult baby. At first, he was shocked and appalled by the idea. Over time he warmed up it. He took care of me sometimes when the kids where out of the house. I bought some diapers, then later some adult onesies and a pacifier. He changed me while I smiled and laughed. I was a cute girl. He knew how to treat me right. I made sure to separate time with my kids, time as an adult, and time as an adult baby. Good for me.

I found an online community of others who want what I want, to be a baby again. I've seen some adult babies with a nursery, I want one too. I'm thinking of joining a play group of adult babies. I want to meet some new people. I want to make some new friends. I want to give my husband a break from taking care of me every now and again.

My kids are in college now, and I think they can handle it, but how do I come out to them? We’re a family, but with just one secret. I want to get it out to my kids finally. I don't want them to freak out and leave. How should I do it? (AMA)

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How Do I Tell My Kids I'm an Adult Baby
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  • I guess you could say, "Their mom spent all her time taking care of her babies that she wanted to be taken care of like a baby." LOL

  • Why would you want to?? You’re going to mess up the relationship you have with them, I promise. If you want your son to change your diaper and wipe your p***y and a**, then wait until you’re 70 and he’ll do it then.

  • I want to because I don't want to have any secrets with them. I'm not waiting till I'm 70. I think they can handle it now that there adults. If they were not then I would wait. I told my husband and he warmed up to it. He doesn't mind now and says I'm cute.

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