I Told My Parents I'm an Adult Baby

Finally, I told my Mom and Dad I'm an adult baby. I'm a male. I'm 21. I had the idea of being treated like a baby scene I was 13. I found out that there's an online community of people interested in this, ABDLs, Adult Baby Diaper Lovers. I thought it was cute. I like lots of things about the community, the toys, the diaper designs and the onesies, the aesthetic.

At 18 I moved out and found my own place. I bought some adult diapers and found out I loved them after all. I got a onesie and pacifier and I thought I looked cute in them. I soon found an adult baby play group to join. I made friends there. I was excited and nervous.

I knew that after all that I would have to tell my parents, and I did. They came over for dinner and I wore my diapers like it was nothing. When I asked them if they knew what ABDL stood for, I told them what the acronym stood for and that I was one. They asked me what it was all about. They were shocked.
They asked me many embarrassing questions. I assured them it's not sexual. We only allow adults in the group. It's fun and relaxing. They asked if I watched baby or toddler shows now? I said yes. They asked me jokingly if I needed a diaper change? I also said yes. I told them about and showed them the onesies I had in the closet. I even told them about the play group of other adult babies. I might as well at that point.

My mom and dad said they'll need some time to process this new hobby of mine. This is a big thing to take in. They were definitely weirded out by this. I might as well tell my sister if I told mom and dad. She'll laugh at me, I'm sure of it. She'll try to take pictures of me and I'll make sure that doesn't happen.

I felt that I didn't need secrets between me and my parents. They're never going to see me the same way again. This was a doozy. It was crazy. It did go better than I thought it would. Thank goodness. Any words of advice or encouragement? (AMA)

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