My Ex Mother in Law

I got married very young, seventeen in fact. My MIL was in her forties and very attractive (Short brown hair, kind of looked like Bridget Bardot). After my wife became pregnant, her mother stayed at our apartment one night. They were talking about pregnancy and the things that came with it. My MIL casually opened her robe to show us her faded stretch marks and was only wearing panties and a bra. She had a slim build with t*** that would just fill your hand. This was the first incident of many that I’ll tell you now, never led to having s** with her though now that I’m older, I think I would have done things differently.
One morning while my wife was at work, my MIL came by to get my son who was still a baby. I worked nights and so I would sleep until about noon and always in the nude. I heard her when she came in the apartment and when she was getting my sons things together. Then she came into my room and I pretended to be asleep, lying on my back with no covers. She stayed there for what seemed like ten minutes telling me “we’re going now” and “say goodbye”. It was all I could do to keep from getting hard (one of the things that I would’ve done differently). Finally she left.
Later on we moved into my MIL house and after my wife would leave she always seemed to find a reason to hang out in my room while I pretended to be asleep (Something else I would do differently. I should’ve just woke up to see what would’ve happened).
One day my MIL and I went to the beach together. It started out by her asking me to put sunscreen on her. I was very thorough. After I put it on her back, and arms, she flipped over, so I started on her chest and arms. I started doing her legs and said to her “spread your legs”. When she did, I about busted through my shorts. Again, very thorough from he feet to her bikini line outer thighs and inner. I even lifted the bikini a little so the sunscreen would spread smoother. A couple of times my hand, oops intentionally slipped and touched her p****. She just smiled and looked at me. . We went into the water for a bit. A small wave came, she ran toward it and after it hit her, she turned to me with her left t** out, rushed to me and jumped on me. Her legs scissored around my body and her left nipple pressed into my chest. My hand instantly went to her butt to support her. I could feel my fingers touched the bikini fabric covering her crotch. She stayed like that for a good minute, no complaints about my hand placement. When we left the beach we stopped off at the public showers. She showered across from me and showed me everything. She pulled her t*** out and rinsed them, turned and pulled the bikini, revealing her butt as she washed off the sand and then turned to show me her p*****. I can still see how the water was streaming from her p****hair to the ground. I couldn’t stop looking and she knew I was. She said “watch to make sure no one can see. I don’t care if you do, just no one else”. On the way back to the car she complained about how the sand or salt had gotten between the fabrics in the crotch of her bikini. Suddenly she said “Stop!” “Feel this”. She pulled the crotch of her bikini out, again revealing her p****. I felt the bikini crotch and it was packed with sand (Another thing I would’ve done differently was feel her p**** i stead of the fabric. After all, she wasn’t specific about the “feel this” ). Not only should I have felt her p**** instead of the fabric, I. Should’ve licked my fingers afterward…right there in the parking lot.
After we got another apartment, she stayed the night again. This time my wife was working nights. I was taking a bath and I called out to my MIL and asked if she would wash my back. She did come in and wash my back but when she was done, instead of leaving, she sat on the sink and talked to me while I finished bathing. Finally, I said “I have to get out, I’m turning into a prune”. Then I said, “you can stay if you don’t mind seeing me naked”. She just shrugged and stayed so I got out and dried off. Then I asked her if she would put lotion on me (Something I never do but I saw it on the shelf and got the idea). She put it on my back and I said “can you do my legs?” She did my legs up to my thighs and I asked “would you mind doing my butt too?” She did. I was hard as a rock. I turned and she started doing. my chest and again moved to the front of me legs. My c*** was right in her fave and as I was watching her, I saw a rope of pre••• fall to the floor. She just said “oh my!” I said “Sorry, looks like I’m enjoying this too much.”” She just said “That’s alright, it’s normal”. When she finished my legs I asked “can you do the rest?” She squirt lotion into her hands and rubbed them together. She lotioned my c••• and b**** only until it was rubbed In and then stood up and wiped her hands on my chest and said “There ya go” and walked out.
All these years later, those memories are still my go to in a pinch. 😉

Mar 26

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  • You tease. She wanted you. You denied her same young hard c***.

    Be a good son in law and f*** her brains out. After all that p**** is the one that bore the p**** you enjoy almost every night.

  • I’m too late for that. We’ve all moved on. I think we were both guilty of teasing though

  • So sad. You should start flirting again. I’m sure she would reciprocate and allow you to go farther

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