WTF happened.

My husband and I had the craziest night we will ever have in our entire lives and honestly I don't care if you believe it or not because I am not sure I believe it really happened. Vegas, Always a s*** show, Always something happens and we are not swingers but we go for a week once a year for the last 10 years and ever since the first time we have always been open to whatever happens and NEVER do anything similar anywhere else but NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have come up with this.
Trip 1: FFM with a stranger.
Trip 2: FFM with my best friend.
Trip 3: 4 way with a couple we met.
trip 4: FFM with a stranger.
Trip 5: MMF with the best man of a wedding we attened (Aquaintance).
Trip 6: FFM with a different friend.
Trip 8: 4 way with married friends of ours.
Trip 9: FFM one night & MMF two nights later (Strangers).
Trip 10: OMG....
So we arrive, Go out the first night, I kiss a girl for a bit and it ends up not turning into anything, Second night it came real close with a guy, We made it all the way to our hotel room door and he backed out. Third night nothing crazy, Fourth night nothing crazy but.....The fifth night we are at a club just off the strip and a girl comes up, Strikes up a conversation with me and we end up at a table drinking and talking and she goes to the washroom and my husband and I are both like (Yup, That's the one).
So she is very pretty, Blonde, about 5'6", Slim build and average b****, I am 5'5" and very similar build to her, My husband is 6'3" and very...Proportionate if you get my drift, He has an 8" long d*** that I can't wrap my hand around and touch my fingers when it's hard. So we decide to change scenery and while in the elevator she discloses some shocking information that she is...Trans...Ok, First reaction is...Whoa, Ok, we are not down but...My husband who I thought would be more...Not down than me stops and looks at her, looks at me and then says "Do you have a d***?", She gets super nervous and I think she was a bit worried he may do something to physically harm her but she nodded yes. My husband says "Trans...Not cross dresser?", She kind of looked a little angry but said "No, Two completely different things".
I am standing in the corner of the elevator watching this exchange take place and never would have expected my husband to be so...Intrigued, He looks at me and yeah, Ok, He was pretty drunk but I had never seen him like this and as the elevator stopped at our floor he stepped out and just looked at the two of us, I got out and looked at my husband who looked at her and nodded for her to get off the elevator. To say I wasn't also intrigued by this situation would be a flat out lie and as we entered our room I had no idea what was about to happen.
My husband kind of took the lead and got us to kiss a bit, She undid my top and it was such a weird situation, I didn't know what to expect, I undid her top and took it dow, She had great, natural b**** ad we started getting a little heated up, things moved onto the bed and it got weird for a bit, I slid my hand up her inner thigh and...Ahem...She was...hung, Not huge but above average for her build. Geez, I don't even know how to describe this lol. I pulled down her underwear and it was a handful, I am laying half on top of her and stroking her d*** and my husband walks up, Starts playing with her b**** and she starts rubbing him through his pants, Undoes them and flops his d*** out and she shuddered a little.
Soooo weird watching her slide her lips over my husbands c*** as I did the same to her while looking my husband in the eyes, My husband takes a deep breath, Looks at me and we start going, I am suckig her c*** and watching her suck my husbands, I am a little embarrassed to say that she was better at it than I am, Well, At taking the length anyway, My husband laid her on her back and I got on my knees, She looked down at me sucking her and she has beautiful eyes, My husband pushed her head down to the bed and straddled her head, Stuck his c*** in her mouth and started stroking in and out of her mouth watching me as I sucked her d***, I straddled her and lifted my skirt, Slid right down on her d*** and she moaned.
My husband started going a bit deeper and we both played with her b****, I sat all the way down and just something about the curve or the shape or maybe just the situation but it felt really good, Riding, grinding, Moaning and watching my husband slide his d*** in her throat and watching her push him back every time she gagged I just couldn't hold back and I started coming, My husband grabbed my nips twisting them which always helps maximize the finish for some reason and it definitely did then, I had to roll off of her and then my husband turned around, Slid her further down on the bed and really started f****** her mouth.
After gagging her maybe a bit too much she wanted a different position and this is where it got wild, My husband sat with hi back against the headboard, I laid on my stomach and started giving him head while she got on top of me f****** me from behind and she was tall enough that she could f*** me and lean over my shoulder so we could both suck his d*** at the same time. I have never really reached climax multiple times that I remember, Very close a couple times but that was the first time I had multiple explosive climaxes and it was great, the second one was a longer, Softer climax and more full body if that makes any sense, I came while watching her suck my husband and sliding 3/4 of his d*** in her mouth.
My husband got us to switch, Me on my back, Her f****** me missionary and my husband straddling my face, Me suckig his b**** and her sucking his c***, She looked up at him and took his c*** out of her mouth just long enough to say "I want your come" and started sucking him again, She moaned, twitched and started coming in me, My husband pulled his c*** out of her mouth and shot a massive load, Like I have never seen before, He shot all over both of our faces and she was like gasping and moaning, come dripping everywhere and starts kissing me. After a quick wipe down I think she was planning on leaving but my husband rolled me onto my stomach and lifted my hips, He took her and put her hands on my hips and had her licking me from behind licking her own come, My husband was way more into this than I expected and it didn't take long to realize he was way hard again, He got me onto my back, her d*** in my mouth, He licking my p**** and sucking his d***/Licking my c*** while my husband f***** me.
She really wanted my hsband to f*** her, She kept saying it and he kept putting it off, She turned around pointing her ass at my husband and f****** my mouth while he f***** me, He reached around and played with her b**** and had her on her hands and knees and pulled out, He shot his load all over her ass, B**** and d*** and my face. After that my husband was having some issues getting hard again and he just sort of directed us as to wha to continue doing. She f***** me so much and came 3 times total, After her third time my husband got me to lay on the bed, She sat on the floor beside the bed and I held her hair back while she sucked his b**** and he stroked himself, he told me to hold her hair in a pony tail and not let her move as he leaned back and came all over her face.
She was visibly disappointed and looked up at him saying "Why won't you f*** me?", My husband basically ignored her question and we all cleaned up, He walked her to the door and she kept trying to kiss him but he wouldn't, me and her kissed a bit and she left. The next couple days were kind of awkward between us and we did end up taking one other girl back to the room the last night we were there but other than that just major awkwardness, I have tried to talk to him about it but I think he is a bit embarrassed. this is something I could definitely go for again and I can't get any indication from him if he would or not. but anyway that's my F'ed up confession.

Mar 28


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  • That's hot if it's real.

  • It's Marcel Shihadeh's sick fantasies.

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