Pregnant at 14

As kids our parents took us to live in Costa Rica, our father was with an American food company. He spent most of the week away, as an Agronomist his work was in the field. We went to a private school and my mother got involved with the small Protestant church.

We went through puberty there, it was quick, one day we were eleven, then we were 14 with all the attributes of females of the species. We, my sister and me, were invited to a slumber party. The behavior was not church kid appropriate, alcohol, nudity, oral s** between girls. we, my sister and me, went home the next day shocked at what we had seen. Watching girls have oral s** is enough to ask a lot of whys. Our mother did not have an answer.

!4 is a weird age, we had been exposed to oral s**, and next was intercourse. His name was Pablo, an older boy from an all boys Catholic Academy. They trolled our school to vaccinate us against virginity. We were vaccinated the same day by Pablo. 14. This we did not tell our mother.

When we understood that we were pregnant, it wasn't that our periods were still adjusting. A lady doctor confirmed it, twelve weeks pregnant. My father had to be told. I never saw my mother cry so much. 14. Her twin girls were both pregnant. 14. 14 is a strange age, you may understand the biology, but not the future. Pablo's family accused us of being American whores, ruining their son's life.

My father got transferred back to Iowa, we gave birth to two boys a couple of days apart. We did homeschooling until the boys were weaned. We never looked back. We had sons. We dated, kept our legs together, went to Iowa State, became school teachers, got married to men in our late twenties when our sons were 14. There's that 14 again. 14 before they had a Dad.

Mar 28

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  • Great story. I too began enjoying s** early but did not get pregnant. I had over 75 partners by the time I met my husband at the age of 23.

    Boy I miss those younger days.

    Been married 25 years but miss the variety I enjoyed as a young lady

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