I am laughing.

Last night was so weird, My hubby and I were chilling in the hot tub and his friend was there, We got talking about a little bit of dirty stuff and my husband who is probably the whitest white guy around asked if I had ever seen a black p****, No surprise but his friend is black, I know one girl who he was with and she had told me he was quite large.
I said no and my husband told his friend to show me, He stood up and pulled down his shorts and yeah...He has got a huge d***, I looked and nodded in approval and my husband said "What do you think?", I said "I think he has a...Huge d***", I was well aware of what was going on since my husband has tried several times to talk me into some form of a threeway and I don't think he even cares if it's ffm or fmm but I just don't want to. My husband slid up closer beside me and I looked at him like "Uuuhhh, What do you think you're doing?", He nodded to his friend who stepped up closer and I put my hand on his stomach and said "I can see it just fine from there", My husband said "Do you like it", I nodded and said "Sure, That's a nice d***".
My hubby was very plainly trying to get me to do his friend and said "Do you want to touch it?", I shrugged and said "Not really", His friend snuck up a little closer and my hubby said "Just give it a feel", I sighed and grabbed it, Ok, Yeah it's a huge d***, It is more than a handful and to be honest it was...Heavier than I expected. So I am sitting there and I decide whatever, if he's going to let me grope his friend I will, It's been 16 years since I touched another d*** than his so I started checking it out, I was groping it and playing with his b**** which are quite large and hangy. He got hard and yeah it was an impressive d*** but ot one I wold have wanted in me anyway, there is a point where it's too big.
So my husband untied my bathing suit top and pulled it down, I let them feel me up and I don't know...Maybe the whole thing lasted 10-12 minutes, His friend put his hand on my head and pushed me forward, I pushed back and looked at him saying "What?", he shrugged and said "You can suck it if you want", I held it up and said "Nope, I definitely do not want to, I'm sorry, You have a nice d*** and sure...It's fun to play with but it won't be going in any of my orifices", My hubby said "Why don't you start with a handy and see where it goes", I laughed and said "I can tell you where it's not going to go".
I said "I think I should go to bed", My husband kept trying to convince me to stay and I was just messing with him, Well, Both of them by that point, I kept stroking his friend and he was groping my b**** and whatnot and then I started to get bored so I looked up at his friend and said "I am sorry but I'm not gonna suck your d*** and you're not gonna f*** me, You have a great d*** and you're a nice guy but it's just not happeneing, I don't know what he told you but it's not". His friend said "Could you finish this" and I said "Mmmm, I don't really want to", He said "Please" and I told my hubby "Get me a towel", He reached over the edge and grabbed me a towel, I sat up on the edge of the hot tub and his friend stood up on the seat in front of me, I looked at my hubby and said "Is this what you want to see?", He shrugged and said"Sure".
So I jerked him off while my husband watched and let him finish on my b**** and then I looked at my husband and said "Well....Clean it up", I leaned back and he grabbed the towel, Wiped his friends c** off my b**** and I slid down in the water, Grabbed another drink and sat back. I don't know if I was being too much of a b**** but shortly after his friend said he should go and then after that me and hubby went to bed, Obviously he was super h**** so I let him have a quicky, He kept talking about his friends big d*** and blah, Blah and how hot it was and then when he rolled off I said "Ok, You had your fun, I never want to hear about it again, The only way that d*** is getting sucked or going in any holes in this relationship is if you do it...Kapeesh?", He said ok and went to sleep.
Now my husband is all pissy with me, I am like "WTF" and he's like..."Well, You got to play with his d***, Blah, Blah and I got nothing out of it", I told him "Ok, Well if that's the way you feel after then don't ever bring it up, Don't thik about it, Don't ask for it, Nothing, I comprimised and you don't appreciate it so I am done...NEVER again"
Sheesh, Men are so stupid.

May 12

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  • All these negative comments are from the same guy, you disappeared for a while did you get caught f****** that 13 year old little girl that you confessed on here that you wanted

  • Honey if I were you I’d invite your hubby’s friend over while your husband is out and have him stretch you out. I promise you won’t regret it

  • Oh shut up. She eventually did the right thing. Her husband is an idiot

  • Yes she did do the right thing. But she should reward herself.

    Her hubby wanted to see it.

    She should enjoy it without him

  • Fake and gay

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