I realise I need more

I'm a 45 female and a few weeks ago I went on a hen do to the Czech Republic. Most of the other girls are a fair bit younger than me and one of them arranged for us all to go to a private s** show. Now first let me say that when it comes to s** my husband is quite conservative, in fact he's boring, but it is what it is. But when I went to this private show it really opened my eyes, in fact I was shocked by what I saw, shocked but, I have to say, highly aroused. I saw young fit looking guys masturbating, urinating, having oral s** and having a*** s**. At one point a guy laid on our table and invited us to m********* him ... and I did. I've never even done that to my husband. But the most amazing bit was when three of them offered to perform oral on each of us in turn. The other girls didn't turn down the offer so neither did I. It was the best feeling ever. My husband never does that. The problem is that I'm now back home, and back to the boring routine that my husband deems to call s**. I just feel like telling him not to bother, and while we're doing it I'm thinking of those young guys. I feel so unfulfilled.

Jun 22, 2018

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  • If you want more come here then.

  • You say your husband is boring, but is he boring because YOU are boring. I mean you say he never gives you oral s**, but do you ever give him oral s**? If your s** is boring it's because YOU are not trying to make it interesting. Instead of finding a f*** buddy or complaining about your s** life on here, why don't you fix the problem with your husband. You know, the man YOU married.

  • Go for it. If he cares for you or wants you to be happy he would give in or change a little something. If you were my wife and you enjoyed looking or seeing other guys c**** I would be happy. I’d rather you do that in front of me than behind my back.
    Anything to spice up our s** life.
    Especially if you are fit and hot

  • How could we share this experience thats how my wife is also hit me at Andraebrown1@hotmail

  • Totally agree. One life and s** is one of the most beautiful things. Find a way to do more of what you like. Find someone who can keep you well F.ukc.ed and happy.

  • We need to meet up o can show you a whole new world

  • It's about time u had a f*** buddy and if you want I would like to teach you on what ur missing out on.

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