Streaking gone bad

Actually this is a story told to me by a female co worker several years ago. This was in the late 70's back when streaking was a fad. This was at her high school and this boy decided it would be cool to streak across the quad during the lunch hour. He had arranged for a few of his friends to have a 2nd set of clothes for him and they were to wait inside a classroom. The exterior doors of the classrooms were usually kept locked so that's why they had to be there to let him in so he could get dressed.

He went into the boys locker room and took off all his clothes. He then ran naked across he quad and headed for the classroom where his "friends" were waiting. The only problem was they wouldn't let him in, so there he was trapped naked outside with no way to escape.

She said he got bright red with embarrassment while a crowd of kids surrounded him, laughing and jeering at him. Finally, a male teacher showed up, took off his sport coat so the kid would have something to cover himself and he escorted him out of the crowd.

I can only imagine how this poor kid was traumatized by this experience and I'll bet he never showed up at the reunions.

Mar 28

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  • If you watch how crowds deal with streakers, they actually love them. Men and women, most of them, will cheer for him/her. It's just a naked body....a daring one, though. however, nowdays you can get a s** offender charge for that. Simple nudity is a s** case even though there isn't anything sexual about streaking.

    He should streak the reunion. No, JK. It would be funny but illegal. Don't streak, especially with cameras in every phone and high def security cameras.

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