I am a recently divorced 40 year old female, I went to visit my bestie and we went out to the local bar in the small town she lives in, After drinking wayyyy too heavily we stumbled off home and on the way we passed her brothers house, She noticed the lights were on so we stopped for a mid walk drink and he was happy to oblige, I hadn't seen him since we were kids and he was looking pretty good for how drunk I was, I had heard rumours that he was "Packing" and as we sat in his livingroom drinking my bestie started to nod off.
I could have and probably should have woke her up and continued on our way back to her place but I made a conscious desicion to let her pass out, I looked at her as her head slumped down, I looked at him and he shrugged, He got up and grabbed her a blanket and covered her up, I went to the bathroom and when I came out he was standing in the kitchen.
I walked right up to him and kissed him. He is 3 years younger than me but at our ages that doesn't really matter, Long story short, into his bedroom, undressed and thankfully he was reasonably impressed with my wide hips, Round butt and largeish saggy b****, I on the other hand was a bit...Astonished at his size, He is not an overly large guy, 6 ish feet and slimmer built but holy crap. Anyway he finished me then again, then again, I was like..."Ok, Ok, You need to finish", He rolled me face down and did something with his thumb in me from behind that I have never experienced and may have changed my perception of how an o***** should be but then I was like "Ok, You're done down there...She needs a break", I laid on my back and he put it between my b****, We did that and then he put my hands at my sides and straddled my chest, Put it in my mouth and then leaned over me, Put my arms out to the side a bit, Put his ankles on my wrists holding them down put his arms on the headboard, Like I said he is considerable but...I have a...talent and he started shoving it in my mouth and I showed him my talent, He looked down at me as I looked up at him, He moaned and as his b**** rached my chin he groaned and came.
I did as best as I could and swallowed it all, He throat f***** me a bit and pulled out, Shoved it back in and then pulled out slow as I sucked him dry, He was just leaving the tip in my mouth and the door opened up, My bestie was like "Ugh, SRSLY????", She looked me right in the eyes while I had her brothers k*** in my mouth and then he pulled back, I was like "Whaaaaaat?", She looked at her brothers d*** and said "Geezus...Holy f***" and then he gave a little grunt and shot the last of his load on my face, She gagged and said "geezus f***", She looked back at me and said "Uhhh, We should go" and gagged again, I said I would be out in a minute and after thanking him which was super awkward and wiping my face I went to the kitchen, She was leaning on the counter and said "We need to go", we walked to her place and went to sleep.
The next morning I came out and she looked at me and just started lauging, I got super embarrassed and said "Oh my gawd", She just shook her head and I poured a coffee ad sat across from her, I looked at her and she said "Don't say it", I shrugged and said "I didn't imagine tha right?", She said "What?, That you had s** with my brother...Well, I assume you had s**", I said "well...I meant his size but yes we did" and she said "Let's not talk about my brothers d***", I said "But seriously...Did you know?", she said "I seen it a couple times when we were growing up but I did not know it was quite that...Big", I told her ho many times he got me off and she was like "Ok, Can we be done talking about it?, I walked in on it, I seen it, I watched my brother come on my best friends face....Are we good?", I laughed and said yeah.
I hung out with her for 2 more days and then went home to my kids and I did look him up on facebook but haven't contacted him yet, I might, I haven't decided yet.

Mar 30

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  • Took my Eucharist home and fed it to my dog. F*** the Catholic church and that gay old fossil-looking Argentinian trannyfagg Francis Bercocklio.

  • Muslims like to c** in the streets like dogs p****** to mark their territory. F*** em!

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