Learned from a master craftsman

Growing up our family had a friend who was a photographer. Weddings, commercial advertising, graduations. He offered to teach me the trade. I went to his studio on Thursday afternoons after school. He gave me a lecture on cameras, lenses, dark rooms, subjects, lighting, etc. Not that I understood it, but he gave me the lecture. Next he took me out with him to this park, and he showed me how to pick a scene, how to focus, how frame the picture. And we went back to his studio/house and we developed the pictures. It was a long afternoon but I went home with some pictures to show my parents.

My classes were almost always hand on, I learned how to change lenses, how develop film. I came and went as I pleased, on Thursday afternoons. When I got out for summer vacation I was bored and I went down to his studio and just walked in. There was a naked guy and he was naked too. He was shocked and yelled at me and I left. On Thursday he didn't mention anything, not till the end after we had set up close ups in the camera room. Then he took me into the dark room to develpe my pictures he had pictures of the naked guy there. Naked, close ups, selfies of the day, laying naked on the bed together, savoring a p**** like a lollypop, and several picture close ups of erect penises and buttholes. He let me look, stood back, I looked over at him and then back at the pictures.

He pulled my pants down and sucked my p****. It felt incredibly good and he lowered his pants and gave me a turn. He set up a camera in the same room with the bed and he took pictures of me naked, he was naked the entire time. He set up the camera timer and took some pictures of him with my p**** in his hand and mouth. And we stayed late and developed them and he showed me how they were kept in his file cabinet and what the code word was and I could come over and look at them whenever I wanted.

I find today's cell phone pictures, taken either posed or not to be devoid of life. The pictures we took at his studio were all so well done. He had a knack for catching the eyes, the sheer pleasure in the eyes. There is no comparison. Except for the sheer numbers of cell phone pictures, but in no way better than ours.

Mar 30

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  • That's nothing. Aisha got sick of Muhammad's s***. He was wearing her clothes all the time. What a freak. Plus how did he fit in her clothes, that old lecherous peedo!

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