Guys must think I'm pretty, jolly stupid...

Or else it's because I spend most of my time, walking around looking like I'm in some daze when really I'm contemplating story lines, art, poetry or philosophy. Art, poetry, music, the creative .e.t.c. is my life.

But really, the other month some skinny looking shrimp came up to me and asked me "hey, you want to make a quick $20?" I looked at him funny, having instantly gotten a bad feeling, and asked "doing what?" then he said "all you have to do is watch me" and then he started walking off towards this dark alley. I don't know exactly what he wanted or whatever was going through that twisted, weasel looking mind of his but of course I wasn't going to follow some idiot, as weak and pathetic as he might of looked, into some dark alley after being offered $20 bucks! It wasn't like I was all afraid of him, I do 290 kg on the leg press for 8 reps, am the strongest in my family out of girls AND guys, but still how stupid does one think I am? Only a couple years earlier while walking through the park some group of fat older guys asked me if I wanted a hot dog. NO YOU MORONS! Anyway I just kept on walking. Here and there other testosterone driven dopes have made stupid, slanderous comments to me occasionally too.

So tell me, does the fact that I walk around all the time with the appearance that I'm distant and day dreaming make me some sort of target for stupid guys like that? If so, should I not walk around like that at night? not all guys are perverted but there are some pretty perverted ones who answer on this site so maybe you can tell me.

Also, and the main factor to be gained from the knowledge learnt from this question, do some men, men who actually do really horrible things, feel more inclined to go for a women who has been raped because of an inferiority complex or perhaps some remnant broken nature? If, on average, the main pattern of relationships has been that the man is more aggressive and the women more passive, is a weak or broken air what causes women to be raped more than once?

I haven't been raped, and I am NOT passive, but for the average person that seems to be the way of things.

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