God is Real

You people disgust me. I'm glad I'm a happily married woman to a God fearing man. We read the bible everyday. I will not work around any gay people. I home schooled my children so they will not see this trash. My husband will not allow me to do business with women. Too many of you sinning on this earth. I love God only. You humans turning people away from God. Your parents should be in jail for allowing this. I only shop at night so I don't see you perverted whatever you. There is no love and respect from me. I will never turn my back on God for you people.

Apr 21, 2020

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  • I love smooth p**** and small b****

  • I’m a Christian here. You are a sinner too. You do not love thy neighbor. You are supposed to love EVERYONE. That’s what Jesus wants.

  • Dont worry. Most of us will be in h***.

  • You seem like a hateful person, full of hatred, prejudice and darkness. God forbid, any child of yours is gay? That poor child.

  • Protest much? Why are you reading these confessions? Guilty feelings?

  • You just did turn your back on goddog by not following his greatest commandment to live your fellow man. Read the sermons of jesus and become a real christian.

  • You turn your back on God. I love God I hate you with a passion

  • God is real. Read the bible

  • This b**ch obviously has sand in her c*****.

  • What, you can't spell b#tch. Sand in your panties. Girl you nasty. Go pray.

  • I don't believe in God but if you do that's fine. But you should stop using just the parts you like and forgetting the ones you don't. If I am correct God is supposed to love unconditionally. And you can't use God to justify your hate. If you believe in him then believe but justifying your stupid hate with God is stupid.
    There is nothing that would justify your hate. It's wrong and if you believe in God you should know hate is a sin.

  • S**** you. Prove it. I am an adult and everyone believes the god that was indoctrinated was real. The whole thing is a f****** joke. If god were so awesome he/she would not need an internet troll advertising for them on social media or wherever. Grow up son.

  • Yesterday I put a whole through a bible and f***** it while thinking about gay Jesus.

  • Jesus didn't say amen. He said "AHH, men."

  • You are definitely going to h#ll fast. No children will be therd

  • God Is Real. You sick alley cats need to go to church. Talk to God. Don't talk to humans. They can't help you. I'm begging you before it's too late. God don't like ugly. Let's pray now.

  • Simple soultion kill your self alone you won’t be able to make any change so it’s better to sleep in a RIP and let others live happily

  • Ha ha ha, you go kill yourself first

  • Why should I ...i am not a fuc kking idiot like you. You have lot of personality issues go get some help

  • You are a idiot, stop being gay. It's harmful to your life.

  • How

  • I tell you how, it kills the mind body and soul, and stay away from me.

  • You people are funny. I can't stop laughing.

  • Horse manure! You aren't doing a service on this site. You love this site!

  • It's her opinion. You women are murderers. Not men. How about get off this site.

  • U gonna cry bc no woman likes u? :(

  • What made you think a man wrote this

  • Glad to see you're still getting wifi reception in your mom's basement, honey :)

  • You will not need it if you dead

  • It is all due to lock down she has lost it

  • She loves God and will not leave him for no human being and you gays can't help but to get mad and do bodily harm to her children. I'm happy for you and your family love. Don't let these gays get a hold on to your husband and children. Stand your ground. Women will sell their children to people like Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby and R Kelly for one dollar just to be from responsibilities. Stay strong love and be safe.

  • Bodily harm to her children? dude. maybe your mother should've sold you off for a dollar, sorry you grew up with an unloving mother, though i completely see why.

  • And where is your mommy, oh I forgot little tommy don't have one

  • My good man! It is rare to see folks like you who have not sold out to the globohomo agenda spread by the degenerate Jews and their lackeys. Keep resisting the outside world of sin for as long as you can and by any means, for they will try to shove their sick and twisted agenda down your family's throats.

  • Man why can't we all just respect one another and not take to sunch importance to others beliefs if it isn't harming anyone

  • Who cares, we are not the same

  • DiAundre Newby wants a word with you

  • Who is that????? I don't know him

  • It is quite clear that you just read Bible as a book only as you have learnt nothing from it. You are a loser my dear

  • You white people don't read the bjble. You only kill black n#ggers when you can't control them. Wake up you, white people time is up for killing all those innocent black babies. So stop with insult to me. You don't have a clue about the bible. All you americans do bodily harm to humans that refuse to be in this gay agenda. I'm not your dear. I'm not gay, I'm straighter than a rod.

  • I'm staggered by the intelligence here.

    No, wait... it's the LACK of it I'm staggered by.

  • Go pray idiot

  • You go pray, stage in your lane, Elaine

  • So why are you on this site ? Do one.

  • It sure as help ain't for you

  • My recollection is that the overwhelming message of the bible is one of LOVE.

    Your hatred is eating you. You do not live in the image of God.

  • No it's not. It's eating you. Don't bring God into this. This the work of man only.

  • Now i'm confused

  • He confused. You stupid dog

  • I can't deal with people trying to turn people gay.

  • There is proof that a person cant force you to turn gay. god isnt a excuse for being homophobic <3

  • I agree

  • Gay ppl don't try to turn other ppl gay, idk where you got that from

  • And did you get your information. just separate

  • You must be one those things that is human. Leave this earth

  • This is a confession site, not political.

  • Then leave, mind your own business

  • This person has a right to his or opinion. Mind your own business.

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