My brother's wife is pregnant from me

I have a sexual relationship with her and my brother is fully aware and supportive of me. She was the one who asked for it, I was h**** that's why I agreed. I got approval from my brother and his wife and I continued this affair for a long time.
Now I realised she is pregnant women, because I saw she had a bloated belly, which means she is pregnant.
Even though the last time I had s** with her was over than 3 months but I'm still sure that it's my child.

Apr 2

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  • My younger brother had the mumps as a teenager, he found out he was sterile after marrying this very HOT looking redhead named Sarah. After four years of trying with no success, he came to me. No way could they afford artificial, he is a clerk in a parts store, $18 an hour.
    He suggested I m********* in a jar, and he could put it in.
    I asked him what he thought about doing it naturally, he said the only way he would go for that was if he could have Patty, my wife, a very nice looking blond.

    What the h***, he can't get her pregnant, and we have two kids of our own, so why not? So, I asked Patty what she thought of it, she shrugged and said it would help them, she and Sarah are best friends so I suspect they already talked about it.
    So, for two weeks, I lived with Sarah, and my brother Jack lived with Patty. Sarah and I did it every night and a few times extra on weekends. A month later, positive!
    Bad part is, so is Patty??? I think I may have been had.

  • LOL! Were the babies born yet? Was Sarah into the s** or was it mechanical s**?

    This needs to be in its own confession for more views!

  • Good for you! It's always great to get someone else's wife or girlfriend pregnant. I've been successful doing it several times, and am proud of my accomplishments.

  • Are you careful to get wives pregnant only if you're a similar race & appearance to their husbands?

  • Is she 3 month pregnant?
    If yes, it might your baby.
    You are very much lucky.

  • Congratulations. I have yet to do this ...

  • Just read the thread. The whites are at it again.

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    The fact that gaytrannies who worship Hitler racemix more than a white leftist whhore woke BLM supporter who lives in Utah, shows us who the real racists are: white Democrats.

    The right has Dan Bongino and Candace Owens. The left has Stephen Colbert, who's whiter than a steaming bowl of rice dropped on soft snow in Antartica. Need I say more?

  • One generation of improving the race, and you end up as a mulatto faag. There's no escape. Just ask Brazilians and Dominicans.

  • Mulaatos are soo f****** sexy

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