Spanked by Younger Sister

I get spanked by my 11 year old sister. I am a 14 year old boy and I have been getting bare bottom spankings from my sister for 1 year now. My mom lets my sister spank me because she is more mature than me. When it's time for a spanking, my sister takes all my clothes off and then I must stand in the corner naked facing the wall with my hands on my head so anyone in the house can see my naked butt. After 20 minutes of cornertime my sister comes to my corner and takes me to the couch, then I go over her knee and she starts spanking my bare bottom for 10-25 minutes.
When the spanking is done I get sent back to the corner naked for an hour so then people in my house can can see my naked red butt, after cornertime I get my clothes back and continue the day.

Apr 6

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  • Do you like it? Personally, I would love that! I don't know why but I've always just felt like women are superior to me.

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