When you are from the other side of the tracks

I was walking home because I missed the bus. This car stopped and the man offered me a ride and I got in. He asked me if I wanted to kiss and we went to this farm outside of town and he parked in the barn. We kissed for a while, he felt me up first and I got hot and he said we should get in the back seat. He was between my legs and I thought he was climaxing but he was having a heart attack and I couldn't get him off of me. We were finally found because his daughter knew that's where he took runaways he picked up. The fireman who pulled him off of me stared at my naked sexual organs before I was able to sit up.

I was interviewed for several hours by the police because they wanted me to admit that I was a prostitute and not just walking home. I also had a pulled muscle in my groin from being caught under him for all those hours. The newspaper ran these headlines that left people wondering who the girl was. No one cared that I had a dead man on me for more than 12 hours.

Apr 7

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