Serious question

Why do black guys want to ** white girls in the ** so bad? Do they do the same thing with black girls?
I got married right out of high school and divorced at 24. Rather than find a new relationship I decided to make up for some lost time and enjoy myself. Nothing serious. I started hanging out at a few clubs. I noticed quickly I got a lot of attention from black guys. Never been with a black guy before but I was not opposed to it.
Well, fast forward over a year. In that time I have had ** with maybe a dozen black guys. And every single one of them went right for my **! I am totally used to it now to the point I keep a small bottle of lube in my purse.
My question is why? Do black girls give up their ** like this?

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  • The person below me is correct. I actually commented earlier on this as a white female. Yes you are right, most white women don't "enjoy" ** at first. We do it to please our black lovers. Over time we do get used to it and learn to get pleasure out of it.

  • Their small pp's fit better in a **

  • I am white girl, yes its true that black guys love very much back door.
    I had 3 black boyfriends and all they loved my back door.
    Initially it was painful, later I enjoyed.

  • Yes, once a black guy breaks your backdoor in you can't bend over without getting molested!

  • White girl here. Yes I agree, black guys do favor backdoor action. I think it is a power/dominance thing. But one thing i experienced is that black guys have a "group" mentality. As in SHARING white girls with friends. More than one black guy I have dated shared me with his buddies. Any other girls had this happen?

  • Omg that's hot! Totally would love to experience that!
    Plz HMU on IG @lor_snowbunnie__

  • Honey you ain't lying! I was never "fat", but lets call it a little chunky. And you could rent my ** out as billboard space. Yes, I am white. And as a teen and into being a young adult white guys basically treated me like ** and wanted nothing to do with me.
    Black guys on the other hand were all over me. ESPECIALLY because of my huge **! Finally I just went with it and I have dated only black guys since. At 16 I gave it up to a black guy and quickly learned taking it in the ** was a must to make him happy.

  • You are nasty **

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