Wife’s First 4-Hand Massage

During our trip to Costa Rica I secretly arranged a handsome masseuse to come to our room and massage my wife. I lied and told her he was with the resort but he was free lance and his reviews made it quite clear he was proficient in erotic massage.

My wife is a strict Catholic so my goal was to break down some barriers to s**. She is ver susceptible to touch, it arouses her greatly and I figured that was my path to getting her to let her guard down. I had planned to leave the room but had a video reorder and a phone secretly recording.

When I told her she was surprisingly ok with him coming to our room AND me leaving. I thought for sure she’d insist I stay so I was already getting excited. But when he arrived and suggested she get naked for the massage I could see her tense up, so I stayed. I’m glad I did. Watching his hands roam up and down her back and legs, coupled with sighs was quite erotic. Half way through he invited me to join in and we rubbed all the way up her legs and thighs. “It feels amazing” she muttered, nearly half asleep. He rubbed her shoulders and around her neck and head and she would look at me occasionally with those sleepy eyes as I ran my hands over her toes and calves.

After he left, we made love and I was pleased to see that she came loudly, over and over again. I could feel her releasing her desire and l***. It was very intense I worked up the courage and whispered in her ear that it was erotic for me to watch and help and she seemed to enjoy that and came a few more times before collapsing on me.

We are already planning our next trip and I plan to be even bolder next time by working our hands all over her b******. I want to see her get weak with sexual desire under the weight of two mens hands exploring her.

Apr 11

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  • How can you let another man touch your wife's temple?
    If I was a man, I would not let any other man touch my wife's body ~ It is sacred to say the least.
    The fact that you want to see her pleasured by other men is indeed a fantasy that many men harbor.
    You are very sensitive to her sexual needs/desires and I give you credit for that.
    We are sexual creatures, by nature and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with pleasuring your wife.
    Beyond the boundaries of marriage, it then starts to become sexually pervasive.
    I reserved my body for one man.
    I could of given myself to many before and after I got married.
    I still have sexual fantasies, desires and a need to be wanted and loved however, I try to not give into temptation.
    It is so hard to resist when I fall in love with someones mind.
    They say that thoughts are worse than deeds however, I believe that it is very healthy to have a few impure thoughts.
    I'm worried that some people are telepathic and can read my thoughts from a thousand miles away...........!
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Continue pleasuring your wife. I believe it is a beautiful thing when you want to make your wife happy.
    Keep other males grubby hands off her!
    If you don't mind the concept of other men touching her then by all means who am I to judge!
    It will just make her seek pleasure outside of marriage and if you are happy with that let her enjoy the ride.

  • Keep your philosophy with you. If he and his wife enjoy with 3rd person let them do. We have only one life to live

  • Can I please correct you on your philosophy.
    Why do you have to come here and tell the whole world about it?
    Why can't some secrets be kept discreet?
    I am entitled to my opinion just as you are to yours.
    By the way, if a husband fervently loves his other half, he would want to keep her all to himself and vise versa.
    Another philosophy of mine is that we don't live only one life ~ our life is eternal.
    I look forward to your reply.

  • What is the point of getting married?

  • S** with someone other than your spouse becomes so satisfying and erotic after several years of devout monogamy.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Sadly, you end up hurting yourself and other people also especially, when children are involved.

  • No. That’s not true. My husband and I have 3 children. I love watching him pound our neighbor (my best friend) and she has 4 children. When he is done I enjoy some girl on girl time.

    When my husband travels I get to go out and play. I don’t bring other men home. But if I spend the night somewhere our neighbor babysits.

    A few times a year I purposely stay out the evening my hubby is supposed to come back home and he gets to pound the babysitter (neighbor).

    He gets to enjoy his petite little redhead and I get to enjoy some variety while the neighbor gets some hard c*** (as her hubby is impotent)

    It’s Win:Win:Win for everyone

  • I can imagine the STD's, the lies, the hurt.............................................. too dramatic and fake. Love does not treat people like a game. It seems too cheap to me!

  • It’s not a game. I love my husband. But I also love s** and I love variety.

    I have not had any STDs. I’ve been with about 75 men. You make sure they are clean and get to know them before you allow them to leave their heavenly deposits in your temple

  • I’m not a pedophile. There will be no children involved. Your sick

  • No need for name calling. That is totally unnecessary. I believe you have misinterpreted what I have written. Why get married? If you have s** with someone else whilst you are married and your children find out, it impacts/hurts all involved. Who ever mentioned the word pedophile?

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