Turned on by sharing wife

My wife and I recently went away to Cancun for a few days. I wanted to explore some fantasies with her durning this time. I told her during dinner one night that I had a fantasy of her being with another woman. She told me that she would never do that. She then asked if I would share her if they paid me $. My c@@k was so hard when she said this I Immediately said yes. She then asked if I would be in the room or leave and I told her I would love to watch. My heart was pumping so hard with excitement I loved it. We had hot s@@ later that night. I couldn’t get the thought of watching another man slide his c@@k inside of her. The next day we ordered room service and the waiter came in and stated to put the food on our table. My wife was on the bed and I joined her while he was preparing the table. I opened my wife’s legs to see what she would do and she went along with it. She was in her black scrappy bathing suit. Very hot looking. I then reached over to her top and pulled one of her bre@$/$ out. She got bashful and put it back in. I then told her that I thought she was going to wear her Lingerie that was very revealing. I said it loud enough the room service guy could hear it. She just gave me a sexy little smile. At that time the room service guy was done and walked out. I was extremely excited at what we just did. When the door closed she got up and popped her boo$& out and sat down in front of the open pool window and started to eat. She told me to sit down and stroke off in front of the window. Which I did and stopped right before explosion. We then had se& in front of the window with the sheer blind closed which was very erotic. Durning which she screamed out “you want to share me don’t you” at which point I exploded. I then took her to the bed and finished her off with a toy. The next day I told her to get in the jacuzzi with her toy while the room service guy comes in. But I messed up and had the do not disturb sign on the door so they just left the food in the drop box. But when she was in the tub I felt her and I could tell she was very wet and excited. She then got a shower and shaved it up a little then put on a nice outfit and we ordered more room service. We started watching some erotic tv and we started playing with each other. She then asked how I wanted her when room service came in. She thought the toy between her legs with the covers over it would be best and I agreed. Then when room service knocked I was so deflated that an older woman was the server I just started to laugh. I really just wanted to show her off to a guy. It turned both of us on. After we came home I continue to bring up her showing herself off or her teasing other guys and it gets things on fire for us. Not sure if actually want to go through sharing her or not. Ideas???

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  • Share her, neither of you will regret it.

  • Go for it.

  • Billjenkins605@yahoo.com

    I want to see her p****

  • Would you c** tribute them?

  • Sounds like a fun and hot wife. I would continue the dirty talk about sharing in the bed room and if you want someone to join call me!

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