The gay scene some fifty years ago

There was a story the movie theatre that there was gay s** going on. There was also a story that after closing there was a showing of gay movies on the big screen, by invitation only. That was the story.

At a party hosted by a banker I told him about these stories. He laughed. A week later he called me up and wanted to know if I was interested, since I had brought it up. He got me the invitation. A black and white vintage no sound movie of a butcher and the young clerk at the grocery store. It appeared to be a low budget film, but it was filmed like that on purpose, in Poland.

The ushers were available to sit with you, for a tip. A hand job or a b******. Anything else you arranged after you left the theatre. The film was erotic beyond anything I'd seen. The usher leaned back while I jerked him off.

In this town where I was stuck I found the best gay club one can imagine. Parties, fishing camps, back door apartments. I have to say, it was the best of times, while everyone stayed in the closet.

Apr 11

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  • I was in college and a fellow student I made friends with asked if I had ever been to an adult movie store. I said no and he said we should go.

    We went together in his car.
    It was in the middle of nowhere in the south. There were a lot of older men and no women. I was curious before, but even more so with no women there. I decided on a video booth in which you put in a coin, select a movie, sit in the booth and close the curtain.

    So, I chose guys getting spanked to watch. I got an erection watching it, but a burly older bearded guy stepped in to sit next to me. He said I see you like to be spanked, naughty boy. I did not answer. He just grabbed my hard-on and said I did not have to answer because that spoke volumes.

    He started pulling my sweats down and I always went commando, so my erection was in his grasp. He told me I am being naughty and needed a spanking.

    He said let's fix that. He let me get dressed. Took me to a private room with a small TV in it which had spanking and gay s** playing. He pulled my clothes off telling me naughty boys don't deserve clothes. He bent me over a couch and told me not to move. I heard him take off his belt, but also heard him remove all his clothes. I looked back and in one hand his belt and in the other stroking his erection.

    He started spanking me and I was trying not to show how much it hurt. He bent me over the arm of the couch and had me suck him. Then he behind me to take me.

  • The balcony that was normally closed was the go to for curious boy's and their soon to be mentors.

  • I am 55 now. I remember an old fashioned full movie theater that showed p***. I wasn't bisexual back then and snuck in at 17. Didn't have any contact with anyone but if I knew back then, what I do now I would have had a GREAT bi teen story.

  • Cool boy panties on the other hand sported colorful JuJubes and an assortment of sticky candies stuck to them by the aggressive passions of two boy's. Me under the other bottom up and sometimes with underpants tossed aside either way I flourished with my cheeky boy's beauty embarrassed fresh-faced blushing with older boy's seed in my boipussy and tummy.

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