I arrived home early today to surprise my husband with a special dinner on his 50th birthday. But it was me who was surprised.

I had asked my BFF and neighbor to join Jim and I in a threesome this weekend to celebrate his birthday as we generally have some “fun” together on special occasions.

But when I went into the bedroom to change I walked in on a sight I was not expecting.

Andrea sitting naked on our bed. But that was not the surprise. She was sitting on her heals resting her daughter’s head on her thighs and holding Faith’s hands comforting her as Jim took her virginity. Faith is petite little goth girl. And Jim is 6 foot 6 and huge for a white man.

At first I was so upset. But seeing that huge c*** penetrate that young tight 19 year old p**** was sooo hot. Hearing her scream with pain yet moan with delight drove me insane.

I gave Andrea a sloppy kiss. Then gave Faith a kiss and told her “Enjoy it. Your first time is incredible.” Then I gave Jim a kiss and wished him a happy birthday.

I then went to the kitchen and prepared dinner to the glorious sound or orgasmic bliss.

I just hope that Jim allows me to enjoy some creamed pies for dessert

Apr 13

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  • Update

    Faith is about the middle of the second trimester. She is due in December. She is so cute. Beginning to show and glowing with that first pregnancy glow.

    And boy is that girl h****. I remember being sexual during my pregnancy but Faith is either coming home from college every weekend or begging us to come visit. I can’t keep that girl off Jim’s c***. And well he loves it and it drives me crazy watching her and knowing that there is a 19 year old craving my husband.

    I maybe naughty. But when Faith is away I send her videos of Jim f****** me and her mom.

  • Update

    It’s been 23 days since I walked in on Jim’s 50th Birthday Surprise.

    Andrea called me this morning and asked me to meet her for lunch. I have to admit I was a bit excited as I was needing some girl : girl time.

    I walked next door to Andrea’s. To my surprise she actually had lunch prepared. I thought it was just code for a little “play time”. My mouth was watering as Andrea poured me a glass of wine. All I could think about was licking her wet p**** and her fire red bush.

    She said, “I had you come over because I don’t know how to say this…” I was nervous, “I thought oh no. My best friend, lover and threesome partner is moving!

    I stopped her and said, “ No. don’t say it! You can’t move. I won’t allow it!”

    Andrea laughed, “No we are not moving but you may want me to move after I tell you this”

    I said “No, we have been neighbors for like 20 years. We have been lovers most of that time and we have been sharing Jim for like 15 years. You are like family”

    Andrea smiled, “Yes. We are family. Faith is late.”

  • So is he actually huge or just 'huge for a white man'? How big are we talking?

    Silk sheets too? Wow you really want all out..

  • He is just over 8 inches and about the diameter of a Red Bull can.

    I’ve had bigger in college but he is the biggest white man I ever had. That is why I had to marry him 😜

  • Wow the things we do for love..

    And the biggest you've had? Did you get it all in?

  • When I’m on top he tops out so I need to be careful.

    But I can take it all if I take it slow. When I do get it all in I like to rock back and forth and have it flick my cervix .

    That drive him crazy and makes him c** quickly.

    Every time we did this during ovulation has resulted in conception!

  • As far as the biggest I had….

    When I was a Sophomore in college I dated a guy on the basketball team. He was 6 foot 7 inches with the biggest c*** I ever seen. He was just over 10.5 inches and so big around I could not wrap my hand around it.

    I could not take all of him. As a matter of fact it hurt when we did it as he was so thick. I loved that c***. It was so big I could barely suck it. And it turned me on watching him slowly work it into my v*****. He tried to be gentle but it was so painful.

  • I think it's wonderful you share your husband with other women. My husband and I are swingers but since Covid, we're doing a lot of MFF because most women are not in a relationship. They just want 'fun'.
    As a wife of 17 years, I'll admit, I get aroused watching my husband with another woman. Especially a younger woman. Faith is so lucky to have experienced her special moment with your husband. You should be proud of your husband's p****.

  • I am proud of my hubby’s equipment. As a matter of fact that is why I made sure we got married within less than a year of the date we met.

    As for Faith, I agree. My first time was terrible. Shoot my first 10 lovers were terrible.

    As for the cream pie desert, I did not lick Faith clean as she was bleeding and had a minor tear. But I did get the pleasure of licking Andrea clean while Faith begged Jim for more. She just could not get enough.

    It was so satisfying to watch a young lady beg for my hubby.

  • Fantasy??

  • It a fantasy. It’s the actual truth!

    I could not have dreamed up such a story and I have the b***** silk sheets to prove it!

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