Crossdresser fun

Hi everyone my name is Scott Harsh I am from Lakeland fl. I am a older crossdresser I am 58 but not to bad looking when I am dressed up and I am dressed up most of the time.Well I meet a 56 yo business man at the car wash place here in Lakeland and we talk for a little while and I told that I was a crossdresser and his reaction to shock me he said I was very pretty and ask me if I would go to dinner with him it took a minute but I said yes so last Saturday night we went out took me to this Beautiful restaurant with outside seating we had dinner and watch the sunset we dance a little bit. And went for a walk on the beach and he put h o s arms around me and kiss my neck it was so beautiful and I felt so feminine and when he told I was a beautiful women I melted in his arms it made cry so we left the beach and went his arm in arm before got into the he look at and gave me a big kiss so we went for a little drive talked held hands and then he brought home and ask him if he wanted to come in so he did I kick off my heels and we set on the couch and kiss cuddled and then we ended up in bed and I have never been treated so gently and lovingly as he did that night it was amazing s** I have never had some many o****** as I did that night well we fell asleep together and woke up together took shower breakfast and cuddled before he left he is the most amazing man I have ment and we are dating now it so great I hope it never ends I just wish I had ment him years ago.oh my fem name is Cassie I love when he calls me Vas.

Oct 9, 2019

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  • You naughty girl Cassie, I love this account of your experience. I watch some of your posts on Naughty Posts, but you have never given us a confession as detailed as this one and I would love to hear more.
    My post name is Lingerie Lover, I fully dress in expensive lingerie and floaty skirts and blouses and I love wearing stockings and suspenders.
    I live in the UK and have three married boyfriends who adore making love to me when I'm dressed en-femme. I can pass as a woman and I love going shopping while dressed as my alter-ego, Jasmine. That's how I met my boyfriends, two of them got chatting to me in our local pub, but the third, Jack, is a neighbour, who I met when I minced past him when he was working in his garden, Jack is 72 and a real bull, there isn't a room in my house that he hasn't had me in, he is so randy, but I am very fond of him.
    Signed Lingerie Lover

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