MY first four hand massage

My wife shocked me when she suggested I get a massage in our room after her resort massage therapist remarked that he knew some beautiful ladies who would be happy to massage me.

It didn’t take me long to answer “sure…so would you be in the room?” My mind wandered about what it would be like if I was alone with an attractive woman rubbing me.

“Nah, that might be weird” she replied. My eyebrows shot up. “How so?” I wanted to explore this some more.

“You know, her touching you. Probably better me to just go shopping.”

“Ok, I’ll set it up, sounds nice” I quickly replied and left it at that. 2 nights later I found myself meeting a very lovely and fit brunette in the lobby. She was a bit standoffish at first but warmed up once upstairs.

“So do you want me to stay?” my wife asked, looking directly at me. I almost felt like I was being tested. I decided yes, despite my fantasies of being along with the masseuse, and they were chatting and getting along nicely and I liked the idea of having her there with me.

Then came the question of whether I would strip. I looked at my wife who giggled a bit and I opted for my underwear. I could feel myself getting hard as this lovely brunette stranger initially had me stand in front of her and ran her hands across my shoulders and chest, sizing me up as she told me to relax and asked me what I liked.

The next 30 minutes were heaven, she was a true master with her hands. After the flip, I was clearly getting hard and it showed. She then invited my wife to join in and I proceeded to get the best chest and leg massage of my life. My wife’s hands would trace just under my shorts and I fought not to get totally erect while the masseuse went in between my legs and upper thighs. They nearly put me to sleep.

After she left, my wife and I made love and it was intense. My wife teased me, asking how I liked the massage, and I willingly confessed enjoying have two hot women rubbing me down, and getting hard in front of them. I finally came and she whispered in my ear as I did, comforting me that she knows how much I enjoyed it. In 20 years of marriage to my very religious wife, neither of us as so much as even implied getting satisfaction from another and it was very **. We are already talking about doing it again and getting a nice male masseuse for her while I watch.

Next Confession

Panty Raider

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