Seething underneath

I love my wife to death. I have never cheated on her nor do I ever intend to. She's the love of my life, my very own heart beat. However, I never wanted to have kids and unfortunately, she came with 4. Thankful 2 are out of the house, but 2 remain. To make things much worse, they have mental problems. One is a r***** that never shuts up, who I absolutely hate and the other is a passable, but annoying twit that doesn't know how to stay still. I know they're kids, but god, they are stupider than stupid. I just hate that she has them at all.

Apr 20

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  • I was walking down the street, when suddenly I noticed a West Oriental Gentleman walking opposite me. He was wearing a flaming orange towel wrapped around his head, and beneath wore a mismatched sports uniform. I asked him were he came from. He told he's "British born loud and proud." I asked him how the weathered down there in that infernal jungle, given how bad he'd been burnt up.

  • *how the weather was down there

  • *where

  • I often confuse India with Africa. My knowledge of India came from the jungle stories of Rudyard Kipling. I can't seem to remember which one's which, they're all very dark and it all looks very backward.

  • You kept sticking your d*** in her so you deserve everything you get. Did you forget where babies come from?

    Go talk to your doctor before you do something stupid.

  • I'm a woman, so that's not going to happen.

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