Brit girl Graduates from a mediocre university in the stae of Geo

I'm not going to name the University but it is fully accredited but even so its considered a Mediocre place to get an Education. I love the college because its my Alma Mater.

OK while on business trips to London I made friends with a Brit fellow worker. His daughter had recently graduated high school and was having trouble finding a University in England that would take her because her grades were less than stellar. Talking to this young lady and looking over her academic past I saw an ok but not great effort on her part.

I suggested she go to school in America. I'd let her stay with my wife and I and she could go home during spring break. Our house has four bedrooms and our children were grown and gone.

Her parents agree to allow her to attend this ok but not great school.

Despite the fact that my University has a less than overwhelming academic reputation they charge top dollar. I said I'd help her financially. No reason to let her live life without a degree on her wall.

She did real well. No grades below a B and she was a complete lady the whole time she lived with us. Helpful around the house and no trouble at all. She studied hard and never made a grade below B.

She graduated and didn't want to return to Great Britain. I'm not sure why but she stayed with us only visiting her parents on occasion. I feel bad for them but I enjoyed her while she was living with us.

She said shed make more money staying here and maybe thats right and maybe shes just got so many friends here she doesn't want to leave. She is a very friendly and likeable young lady.

Shes a citizen now about to get married.

Apr 24

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  • Nice story. Where’s the confession tho?

  • The confession is he was having s** with her the whole time, to repay the money he was spending. He just forgot to write that in

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