I am a guy, and I like sucking black guys in public

I had been really h**** and didn't have a girlfriend at the time, but needed some sexual relief. I had a couple of brief encounters with guys when I was a teen, I had been sucked and had sucked a friends c*** a few times, and always had that itch to try it again, even though it was many years later.
Anyhow I decided to try again, my friend wasn't around anymore, and I didn't know anyone that might let me try sucking their c***. At the time craigslist had a place for ads so I put one up.
Later that night , I got a reply, along with a pic, from a young black guy staying in a local hotel for the night. He said he had a nice c***, about 7 inches, and needed a b******, but he didn't have a car, and couldn't be gone long so we had to stay close.
I drove to the hotel, I parked in the back lot, it was dark out, and waited for him to come out. He jumped in the passenger seat of my car, said we had to be quick, and just pulled his shorts down right there. I was instantly looking at a very nice 8 inch c***, not fully hard yet, with a nice fat head on it.
I rubbed my hands together to warm them up and reached across to stroke his c***. After a few strokes. he was starting to have precum to seep out, so I bent over to lick it off of his c*******. He put his hand on the back of my head, I opened my mouth and went as far as I could down on his c***, trying to wet his shaft as I went down. After a couple of minutes of light sucking, I decided I was ready to go down all the way. I opened wider, and slowly went down, feeling his c******* at the entrance to my throat, and he pushed my head and suddenly I felt his b**** against my chin, and his c*** was in my throat. After a couple of minutes of getting used to his c*** completely filling my mouth and throat, with my saliva wetting his c*** and b****, he started to moan and I could feel his c******* and shaft begin to swell and pulse. Damn I was so ready for his c** to fill my mouth, but he pushed me down, his c******* going back into my throat, and his c*** was jerking and started spewing like a geyser straight into my throat. I was able to keep his c*** there until he finished shooting c**, and I drew back, only tasting his c** because some was still on his c******* and I cleaned it off with my tongue, and I got a little bit more by sucking on his c*** as I drew my mouth off of it. That was the best and sweetest c*** I had ever tasted, only having tasted a couple of others, but I was hooked on big black c**** and sucking them until they c**.

Apr 25

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