I got my baby the way so many babies have been conceived

First I don't want anyone to think I'm traumatized by what happened. Sure for a while it affected me but I guess I grew out of it. I wasn't the first and I won't be the last, it comes with the territory, women have been f***** since men got hard d****. Not all of them wanted it. In fact I pretty much think most all babies are conceived that way, why would a woman intentionally lay herself bare to get impregnated?

I was 19 that day and a friend told me that she had gotten a couple of fake I.D.s and we should go to Smokey Joe's and dance. She meant her and me. We had been fooling around since high school. We got in without a problem and got a couple of beers and a table near the dance floor and when the dance music started we got on the floor and danced and twirled. Somewhere between dances we kissed on the lips and we held hands when we walked to sit down. I had a few beers and needed to pee so I went to the ladies' room, which was outside behind the building.

I was walking to the building with the bathrooms and this cowboy came up behind me and slapped me on the ass. I gave him the finger and he grabbed me straight up by the crotch and his other arm around my neck he put me in a headlock. He told me he had seen me kissing my girlfriend and he thought it would be right for him to show me why it was better to kiss a man. He walked me in the headlock back into the parking area, back into the dark behind the trucks and cars, back into the woods behind the parking area. He told me he was going to f*** me, and if I called out or yelled he would f*** me in the ass.

I held onto this small tree with both hands and he pumped his d*** into me. I had to keep my legs spread apart and I guess he was drunk because he had a hard time coming. He slapped my naked ass several times, telling me he liked my p****. His d*** went soft and he put me on my knees to suck him until he got hard enough to finish f****** me. I held onto the tree again and this time he got really hard and f***** me and finished, and gave me a great big hand slap on my naked cheek.

He told me I was his girlfriend and he expected me to behave like that. Not embarrass him in front of his friends. He walked me back into the dance hall, I had forgotten to pee, and he took me to sit with him and his friends telling them he had a new girlfriend. I was scared to go look for my girlfriend because I knew they would do the same to her. After a while and drinking a beer he decided it was time to take me to his trailer. He f***** me again and told me to fix him some eggs. I didn't go back home until noon the next day when he dropped me off a couple of blocks from my apartment.

My girlfriend wanted to press charges but I talked her out of that nonsense. All that would do was invite him again. I watched my cycle day and night and I was late and late and late. Unbelievably I was pregnant. We talked about abortion but the more we talked the more we rejected it. Lesbians have a hard time getting pregnant. Maybe this is how it was meant to be. This is how lesbians got pregnant.

Our daughter is four and half, she has given us so much and brought us much closer to together. I avoid talking to her about her father, tell her she was a gift in the night. I've read a lot about things like what happened to me. It happened, how else would I be able to conceive? Why is it different than an anonymous donor, or milking some man we know? No, my baby came to me from out there in the middle of the night, when my girlfriend and I broke the law and went to a dance hall where we should never have gone.

Apr 26

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