Confused or struggling??

I've been fighting with myself and I have been for a long time. I know I'm attracted to women but sometimes my fantasies are of same s** encounters. but lately It's been really hitting me hard lately. The more I fantasize or dream of same s** encounters the more I feel guilty and ashamed. The more I feel ashamed the more I have them. I try and convince myself That I'm not really that way and find a lie to tell myself. I've always felt these lingerings and curiosities my whole life and I've had this struggle. Where I fight it. For some reason it's more prevalent now in my life. I don't want to be ashamed but I can't seam to shake it. I try and accept it but fear overcomes me. Why would I have this fight?? Am I really bisexual deep down?

30 days

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  • Obviously confused. Since your father is the author of confusion. Read the Holy Bible KJV and be baptized in Jesus's name. Repent.

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