Lesson on race relations

I am a white college student from rural corn country USA. I decided to go away to a major college in another state. A month ago a black guy asked me out. I was so excited because he is a star player on the football team and very hot!
The last month with him has been great. I enjoy being around him and the s** is amazing. He is so big down there it took me a week to get used to it and take it all. And I never took it all in the back door.
Well last weekend it all fell apart. He invited me to a back yard cookout at his friends house off campus. When we got there I quickly noticed I was the "only" white person. There were maybe 20 people, a mix of guys and girls. The guys were very nice to me but I was getting the cold shoulder from the girls. So I just stuck close to my boyfriend.
After a few beers my boyfriend started bragging to my buddies about how good my ass looked. He described it to them as "tiny, tight and hard". A couple of times he loudly said "tiny is better than those big floppy a****". That didn't go over well with the black girls at all.
I was wearing a short loose sun dress. Well after some drinks and encouragement from the guys I flipped my dress up and gave the guys a flash of my ass in a tiny thing. That was the last straw for the girls. I got jumped from all sides. I am a country girl and can handle myself, but the black girls decided 4 or 5 on 1 was fair. I got beat up and the tore my dress off me. They held me down and one of the girls burned my ass cheeks with a cigarette. My so called boyfriend acted like he was scared to death of the girls and just watched.
I took a taxi back to the dorm and told him to go to h***.

Apr 28

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  • I remember I dated a black girl once. It always seems to innocent at first, then you realize eventually just how much them and a lot of their friends and family despise your color. Sort of killed it for me, no way I'll ever do that agian.

  • So sad. As a white woman who has experienced many men over the years, I can tell you there is nothing better than s** with a black man.

    I am sure those girls were jealous of you and knew that they did not have a chance with your BF as black men love white women

  • You were nothing but a f*** to him. He never loved you. He only wanted to add you to the list of white girls that he f*****. Hopefully your next boyfriend doesn't ask how you got the burn scars on your butt.

  • Vote for Donald Trump in the next presidential election

  • H*** no !!!

  • Lol you deserved it

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