Strange dim light inside prison cell in Oklahoma F T C

In most jails there is some light all the time. Usually the majority of the lights go out after a certain time at night and then a set of emergency lights stay on. Inside the prison cell at Oklahoma Federal Transfer center. I strange light burned inside the two man cell. Across from the bunk racks was a toilet and a tiny sink with an area looked like it was designed for a mirror but had no mirror in place. The sink was to the right of the toilet. The toilet had excellent flushing a lot of water was used but the sink barely had water pressure. This was not a problem. Above the sink was a dim light. It stayed on all the time. Oklahoma Federal prison is a transfer center that intakes a 747 jumbo jet full of Prisoners several times a day. The building is about 13 stories high I think. If your cell had a window it was just strange window about 3 inch wide and 8 inch long if that. It did not bring in any kind of light. The Dim light above the sink was a continuous light that should not cause a problem. I was on the top bunk and it was hardly enough light to read a book. But it was just enough light to light up my eye lids. It was to hot to cover my face up. After getting in a disagreement with my cell mate he asked to move out. He was quickly moved into a cell with a spanish speaking celly. He was very happy. I moved down to the bottom bunk but a paper that I had a few minutes earlier used to cover the light up worked as a light shade. I would have removed it but even on the bottom bunk the light was not even bright it was unexplainable dim yet barely strong enough to read a book but just bright enough.
A female guard was on duty and she was walking by each cell doing a count. It was lock down I can not remember what time it was but she got very upset. She said REMOVE THAT LIGHT COVER NOW!!! DO NOT PUT A LIGHT COVER UP. I quickly pulled it down in response to the order.
That dim light was a device used in H***. Understand this H*** does not wait for you to die.

19 days

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