Earthworm Jim

I have posted on here before about this. I am a forty something woman and get aroused/turned on when superheroes or comic book characters get weak and vulnerable. I have been trying to avoid watching or reading this stuff as it can, at times, be a bit embarrassing or uncontrollable. I had until last week did so with some degree of success until a couple of relapses.
1. After a good lunch with girlfriends I get back home, kicked of my heels and put the TV on. Earthworm Jim has just started and I remember it being quite funny in a quirky, left field kind of a way in the nineties so I keep watching. Evil the cat invades Earth and Jim goes to stop him. The cat produces some smelly cheese which weakens Jim. At this point my intimate part is like liquid and I have dropped to the floor touching and rubbing myself until I climax in a big way. I had all kinds of fantasies at that point involving Earthworm Jim.
2. At work yesterday, I started thinking about Captain Planet. A dangerous thing. He gets weak when exposed to pollution and other things that damage the environment. I think his mullet is really cute too. I was at my desk reviewing a document on my PC when thoughts of him being weakened by Duke Nukem entered my head. I exercised some degree of control and made it to the toilet where I disposed of my soiled knickers and tights. I had a spare pair of tights but was effectively commando for the remainder of the working day.

May 4

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  • I love it when a female villain who is already prone to evil laugh a lot starts thinking or talking about either their plan, or or how inferior or doomed one of the heroes is, and just THINKING about how she'll win gets her stuck in the biggest fit of hysterical laughter of all. And the more she laughs the harder she laughs and she doesn't even WANT to stop. Sometimes it happens right at the end and it's how she loses, but my FAVORITE, I've seen this a few times, is when one of her hench beings decides to talk to her, or f**** up whatever they're doing, and it breaks her out of it, only for her to be p***** off at being brought back to reality! Or, my OTHER favorite is when the really angry, p***** off female villain suddenly just kind of gives up on caring anymore and STARTS laughing all the time. Example, in Casper; the villain was mainly just an angry b**** who wanted everything her way right then and there and everyone but her was a disgusting idiot. Then she becomes a ghost, gains the power of reanimation at will, and once she's no longer held to human limits those limits don't make her angry anymore, they're just toy dominoes to knock over with her pinky and laugh at how easily they fall. I even love it when girls laugh at me in real life. I love knowing that either they can't resist or they've actively decided not to, the way they melt so softly when they do it and it just completely takes them over and they LOVE it-- drives me f*****' INSANE!

  • I feel weak thinking about you being turned on and mastubating

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