My cousins are lame for that!

Well, i was touched when i was little by my cousins. I remember it but than i don't. I remember that i was like 5-7, in that range. I was so scared of the dark and he threaten to leave me alone in my big dark room every time i said no to his requests. So, i had to. Then! when i was 11, his little brother who was 17 touched me when i was sleeping! My brother was in the livingroom and we had to sleep in his room on the floor. He touch me down there. I woke up and i was so scared i didn't know what to do. I try and forget about it but its stuck in the back of my mind. Oh! and when the older cousin touched me and made me do stuff i hated, it wasn't just one time! Oh no!, like every weekend. A two years ago when i was 13, i mean we see each other at familly events. I avoid him though, I was talkin to my brother and he was like checking me out. :( He has a gf and child now. I swear to God if he touched that child!! Oh and this is my theory! He was also doing stuff to my older cousin but i bet she let him and yeah cuz her nephew was freaky too. He would want to make out with his cousins. WTF is wrong with my family?!!?! But i told my ma and grandma and i guess they went through it too, with their relatives. The whole touching part. Well i gave my number to this guy on the internet and he wanted me to touch myself but i wouldn't. I haven't yet. But yeah i told him why i wouldn't and he wanted details on what my cousin wanted me to do to him. WTF!? He said he was "helping". NOT REALLY! So i stopped talking to him. Than this other guy wanted to talk to me on the phone. Haha, i sound like a loser! XP but yeah so we talked and he told me he f**** his step sister! Gah! I know it's his step sister but! IDFK anymore. Not my life! I know i'm waiting to have s** after i'm married for sure! But, what if my boyfriend wants to have s** with me? I don't think i'll let him but then who knows :S I'm kinda of confused.


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  • I touched my younger cousin in her sleep once..
    reached up inside her pajamas and pulled her panties to one side when she was sleeping in recovery position. her body was so pretty, perfect pink damp a****** and sweet plump p**** still bald. i wish i had known better back then because i wouldve teased her a****** with my tongue and licked her p****. but instead i just slid my finger gently inside her p**** and she moaned slightly.. so i got scared and stopped.
    i cant forget how pretty her body was but more than that her smell.. my finger was wet when i pulled it out and immediately there was such an exotic seductive smell from her p****.. ill never forget it. i saw her recently too and we were in her living room, her sitting on the ground cross legged just looking at dog pictures.. and when i leaned in i smelled her sweet p**** again.. the scent was leaking through her pajamas. i wanted to just rip them off and put my nose against her panties and inhale her intoxicating smell... i need to taste her soon.. i just absolutely have to...

  • That is beautiful, I was 9 when I started doing it to my cousin she was2

  • Maybe it's because you girls look good and dress slutty? :/

  • you cant help what others did to you, your decisions are yours to make. I did not save s** for marriage. do i regret it? no. your first is someone you will remember forever though--DONT forget that. so make it someone you trust and love. its a precious thing to give away without alot of thought and consideration. You can only loose your virginity once.

  • ------------> get over it baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SAVE SEX TILL MARRIAGE!!!!!! You'll be happier trust meee :)

  • Its a family cycle that you should break.
    In other word don't do what your family did to you/

  • ...I don't know why...

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