Time will tell.

My best friend and I had a threesome with my boyfriend last night, I hadn't really thought about doing one too much but he was pushing for it and she said she would do it so I figured why not.
It was good, Just kinda all of us rolling around, No crazy stuff but lots of s**, I have never touched or been touched by a girl before, Definitely different than a guy..In a good way, But I still prefer a guy. He oviously enjoyed himself, She is pretty and good in bed so how could he not.
I guess time will tell if it becomes a regular thing or not.

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  • Time always tells the story. most important is to remain friends with your GF. It may happen again or often, it may not. You may want private on e on one time with her. Your boyfriend may want the same with her. Talk about it with both, It could become a steady thing or not. its been 7 days since your post, perhaps you already know those answers.
    Whatever happens, I hope it is favorable to you

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