Pushed it too far.

My boyfriend of 2 years is into voyeurism, I know and always have, Its...Whatever. One thing he gets off on is letting people see me in provocative outfits, It started with just some braless in public stuff then a little bit of leaving the blinds open while walking around with no top on and then we had friends over, More my friends but definitely mutual friends as he gets along with everyone.
He hinted to me that he wanted me to do something a bit later in the night when it was just us, Two other couples and one single guy friend (Who I secretly have history with) were sitting around the fire, I went inside to use the washroom and knowing they could see into my bedroom from the firepit I took off my top, Reluctantly took off my bra, Spread out a sweatshirt on the bed and while facing the window pulled it on over my head. Oh man, My heart was racing, I was feeling a mix of embarrassment, Excitement, and a dozen other feelings I can't even explain.
I attended back to the fire pit and my BF texted me from across the fire pit that at least two of the guys and one girl noticed, The night wore on pretty late as I sat there slightly chilled with rock hard pokies which were very apparent to everyone in attendance and I caught many looks from pretty much everyone. One couple left and shortly after the wife (One of my closest friends) of the other couple left. We moved inside as it was getting quite chilly and I told my BF I was going to bed and he kissed me before I went inside but texted me and asked me to lay naked on the bed with the ensuite light on.
I did as he asked and I was actually trying to fall asleep but the way the house is set up the door to the main bathroom is across the hall and down a bit from the bedroom door, I knew if anyone came in to use the washroom that where the bed is positioned they would be able to see me which had some adrenaline flowing, I could sort of hear the guys talking and heard someone leave but there was still some chuckling and talking but they were being sort of quiet so I couldn't really hear much. I heard footsteps and was laying face down, Back toward the bedroom door, Right leg pulled up with the blankets bunched up under me, I tried to control my breathing as best I could and keep calm, I could hear the footsteps stop outside the bedroom door and then heard the bathroom door close.
I was way more excited about this than I expected to be but the possibility of who it was definitely had me worked up, I quickly checked to make sure the view was unobstructed and heard the door open again, I hugged the blankets a bit tighter and listened for the footsteps but didn't hear any for about 5 seconds and the heard him go down the hallway. I was so worked up, I didn't know who it was but assumed it was the guy I have history with which by the way was one time, Very drunk 6 years ago and neither of us remebers much (I straight up asked one time).
I heard some talking but only one voice, I tried to decipher who it was but couldn't make it out but I could tell he was trying to wake my BF as there was a bit of "Psssst, Hey....Pssst" and he later told me he was pretending to have passed out. His plan worked and the footsteps came back down the hallway, I heard them stop at my door and then heard a deep breath and a sigh, I could feel, Yes...Feel him get closer, He reached over me and pulled a blanket over me and then put his hand on my hip and softly shook me, I didn't want to really do the whole "Oops, Sorry you seen me naked" thing so I decided to also pretend to be passed out and then I heard "Psssst" but still couldn't tell who it was.
I heard the footsteps walk away from the bed and stop...I didn't even know what I wanted to happen, If I wanted him to leave or come back and take another peek or whatever, I had no idea but as the footsteps came back I definitely got wet a little, He put his hand back on my hip and shook me, I cleared my throat and adjusted my body then laid there, He shook me again and I didn't move, I felt the blanket he had pulled over me get pulled back off and I knew he could see "The goods", The way I was laying it was all on display back there and I know for a fact because my BF and I have taken many pics and I know which positions show it off best.
I felt a ripple through my body as he put his hand on my hip and that was when it became harder to control my breathing, My BF and I had often discussed letting people see me but had never discussed "Extra marrital" relations. I was so worked up as he slid his hand across my hip and cupped my butt cheek giving it a soft squeeze, He was not great at being sneaky and if I hand't been a willing participant he would have gotten caught for sure, He slid one figer between my cheeks and touched my lips as I laid there breathing into my pillow and he spent at least a minute just running his finger back and forth before I felt him slip it in. I debated making a move to scare him off or rolling over but it felt so good.
Laying there knowing my BF was 20 feet away while someone else had their finger in me was a weird sensation but it 100% heightened the experience, I could feel that he had large hands which did't help me decipher who it was but they felt good, He slowly worked his finger in and out and then he pressed his thumb against the one place my BF won't touch, Ok, Honestly I have never asked but he has never tried either and I didn't realize it would send a shockwave through my body, I may or may not...I don't remember but I may have gasped a little as a ripple ran up my back because he paused and then started rubbing it as he fingered me.
I really did try not to respond to his touches but I caught myself letting a little moan slip which had an unexpected reaction, I thought he would pull away but he didn't, If anything he applied more pressure, He must have gotten his pants off with the other hand because I heard them hit the floor and that sound made me regret everything up to that point but it all happened so fast, He pulled his finger out of me and spread my cheeks, I flet him put one knee on the bed and as he slid his d*** in me I instantly knew it was not the guy I was with before.
I ws sooo wet but he still had to press hard for it to go in, I was like Oh crap that's a big c***, He was as big or bigger than my BF who is not small by any means. By the time he was all the way in I couldn't pretend anymore, I reached back and put my hand on his forearm, He started slowly f****** me and I just let him, He slid oe hand under me cupping my...substantial b***, He felt really good and with him squeezing my nip it didn't take long before he made me come, I just buried my face in my pillow and moaned and thankfully he didn't last long either, Before I was even done I felt the warm rush of him coming inside me and he gasped quietly and twitched then pulled out and I continued with the drunk and passed out ploy, I just hugged my pillow and moaned but to add to it I mumbled some random crap and then arched my back and sighed.
ilaid there ad listened to him put his pants on and then he softly cupped my buttcheek again and left, The front door barely clicked shut and I was bolting to the living room and met my BF in the hallway. There was an awkward moment staring at each other as I didn't know what his reaction would be and he seemed to be waiting for me to say something, I gulped and said "Was it...Mason" (My friends husband) and he nodded, I was breathing heavy and bit my lip then said "Are you..." and he said "What happened?", I gulped again scared to say it but blurted out "He f***** me". My BF looked at me and said "like...F***** you?", I nodded and he pretty much pushed me back into the bedroom, Onto the bed and OMG.
He pounded me so hard, He pulled my hair, Slapped my ass, Talked dirty to me, I came for sure twice maybe three and he just kept pounding me asking me if I liked it, telling me I was a sexy f****** w****, It was so amazing and so out of character for him but I don't know if I want it any other way now. I think we are definitely going to do more of this but....After some thought maybe not with my friends husbands around, I feel bad about it hapening with him but it did and I can't go back so it is what it is.

May 9

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