I was 17 when I stripped my cousin naked in front of my girl friends. He was so embarrassed about getting a h******, he never said anything to his parents. It was pretty bing big for a 13 year old boy. Now his scared to be alone with us, But sooner or later it will happed because there are other girls waiting to see him naked.

May 10

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  • Pedo leave him alone

  • Don't be a teasing b****! Strip him again, and this time jack him off!

  • Gbu

  • I remember our group would play games like spinning a bottle or picking cards and the winner had to strip. Hugely humiliating as getting a b**** was inevitable but chickening out was social suicide. One time we were doing it at my place and mom walked in and saw this kid naked. She laughed and walked out. I was mortified. Every time after that when kids came over, she'd make a comment about nudity.

  • Perfect response by your mom. Although if it involved my daughter and a male (nude) friend I’d have had a bigger reaction.

  • I understand. My lovely pet dog tore my copy of the Quran to pieces. Of course, I shouldn't left it lying about. Then again, he doesn't seem to like kebab unless it's pork kebab.

  • If you tell him he’s big & he’ll be more comfortable with it. Keep it up and you’ll be in big trouble tho.

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