Mormon wife wears crotchless bikini bottoms and I love it.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. (We got married young in part because of being Mormon.) She just turned 50 but she looks 35ish due to her strict diet and incessant working out. Lucky me. Anyway, we went to Jamaica for a spring get away vacay. Since no one there would know us, to my surprise she bought all new thong bikinis. One for each day of the trip. It wasn’t till we were at the pool on day one when I was coming back from the bar with out diet cokes (we don’t drink and yes we are DC addicts) that I noticed something odd/different/exciting about her bikini bottoms. There was a roughly 1/2 inch wide by 3 inch long cut out in the crotch of her bottoms. Her labias were hanging out. Anyone that saw here at a particular angle could clearly see. I didn’t say anything at first but the next time she got up to go cool off in the pool clearly I could see her engorged p**** labias peaking out from the opening. There was no mistaking it. I noticed several of the other people, men and women, take notice. She walked confidently to the pool’s edge, waded into the water using the stairs, swam for a few minutes, then excited the same way she entered. This time as water ran off her body all could see the water draining off between her thighs streaming and dripping off her labias. I must confess it was sexy as anything she had ever done. Multiple people couldn’t stop staining. When she sat down beside be, based on my face, she could tell what I had saw. I asked her “why?” She asked if I “enjoyed it.” I said “yes.” And she said “good. I have several more very similar to it for the week” and that she liked the thrill of being a bit of an exhibitionist. That it made her h****.
We are card carrying, active Mormons, but we have decided that what happens between us stays between us. That it’s no one else’s business. I’ll just say this new openness has improved our marriage so much. It’s more fun now than in the first 25 years of marriage. Our relationship couldn’t be stronger.

May 10

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  • Your so lucky. I’ve been married 25 years and my wife is now a prude

  • Same here brother. I’ve given up trying. It’s too much work and 99% prude.

  • I mean she used to be a f*** bunny and now nothing

  • Back in high school, I went on a date with a 'religious girl'. She had long hair, never had it cut and wore a long skirt too. No much to look at.
    Our parents insisted we go out.
    I picked her up and once we were in the car, she felt my d**k and started giving me road head!!
    I drove to a secluded property my family owned and parked. We had unprotected s**. I pulled out and she sucked it like a straw!
    Afterward, we talked. I told her I thought she was a virgin.
    She confessed she'd had s** with over 30 guys. Mostly older men. She told me the oldest guy was in his 50s.
    After a second round, I took her home and we never 'went out' again.

  • Great story. How long ago was this.

    The young lady sounds a lot like me

  • 15 years ago in a small town in PA. She was a wild child for sure! lol
    I think she ended up settling down with some old guy in her church.
    Looking back, they acted like a cult.
    I had fun with her.

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