Mom visits friend in prison

A friend that grew up with me is a good guy but is in prison for three years because of a white collar crime. Some kind of theft he was blamed for but he didn’t do.
He’s been there a year and he had been getting called h*** because no woman has come to see him so he asked if I could get a woman to come see him and act like he was her boyfriend.
I showed his letter to my mom and she asked if I wanted her to dress sexy and go see him. I said that would be great because I didn’t know any girls that would do that, so she did.
She wore a short wrap around very low cut with half cup bra and a thong.

When she arrived to the visitors place the guard was a young man my age and he told her he was sorry but she’d have to open her dress so they could make sure she had nothing illegal. She told him it was all right and she removed the wrap completely and turned around real slow. She told him he could frisk her if he wanted. She said he wanted to but he didn’t. He helped her put her wrap back on and she said he copped a feel of her bare ass, then said excuse me.

She told me she gave my friend, Jason, a big hug, right in front of the other men in the cafeteria and she kissed him on the lips. Then she sat next to him and sometimes put her arm around him. She told him to touch her anywhere he wanted to whenever he wanted to and to do anything he was allowed to do to her there. She said she saw some guys touch their women’s b****** so she told him to do it too. He said it was okay if the guards weren’t looking but not in front of them he couldn’t. He got in a couple of quick touches on her ass and she said she saw some of the men watching so she exposed her b**** to him when the guards weren’t looking. She said the other men liked it too. Then when she had to go she said he had a h****** so she rubbed it and some other guys could see her doing it and she was able to kiss him and grind against it when she was in a group of them where the guards couldn’t see. She said she felt other hands on her ass and her b**** got exposed and rubbed by Jason and a couple other guys. They were patting him on the back and saying he has a great lady.
Jason was very happy and thanked her for coming. Then I got a letter from Jason and he said, since mom listed herself as his girlfriend, he could have conjugal visits with her every month, in case she would like to do that.
I think she has done enough and I’m jealous that she’s done that much but I showed the letter to her. Now she thinks that would be a good thing for her to help him get through the next couple of years.
I think I’ll ask her if I get sent to prison would she do that for me too. She’s better than any woman I’ll ever get and it’s not fair Jason gets her because of me.

Feb 27, 2020

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  • Let your mum have her fun.

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  • Your mother sounds like a real MILF hottie. Man, I don’t know how you keep fromfuckingher already. Did you get to see the outfit she wore? You should play like you’re the guard and need to inspect her. Put her up against the wall and tell her to assume the position. You’ll know what to do. And I think you’re right. She should give you conjugal visits as often or more than she does for your buddy.

  • I saw her dressed and she told me about her underwear when she told me about the guard telling her she’s beautiful and she smelled wonderful. I told mom about what you said to play like I’m the guard but she said the real guard didn’t frisk her because she was almost completely nude so I can’t either.
    She’s already teased me about being jealous of Jason and told me to go ask his mom for conjugal visits and she laughed. There’s no way I would do his mother.
    The real bad thing is when he gets out, then he can tell people he did her. Two years is a long time so maybe I’ll be used to it by then but it’s embarrassing now.

  • You aren't going to get used to it. Not ever. Why? Because the cat is already out of the bag, he's already telling people and the word is already spreading. You won't be able to avoid this s: it'll always keep coming back around to you.

  • I don’t think anyone but the other prisoners know anything. He says I’m the only friend he writes to. I’ll ask him not to tell anyone we know. Probably better ask him not to tell anyone at all.
    If my mom does this I think I’ll feel really mad at her.
    I know she’s been thinking of doing that because she smiles all the time.
    I think I’ll make a fake letter saying she can’t come see him anymore because of caronavirus.

  • I didn’t have to make a fake letter. The forms she has to fill out came today but there was a real letter from them saying no visits are allowed now because of the virus. That’s the only thing the virus has been good for.
    She’s filling out the papers though so she’ll be ready when the ban is lifted.
    She calls him her bad boy like it’s something to be proud of.
    I’m going to tell her he wants me to take and send some sexy photos of her. Then I’ll get them better and better and not send any at all. Just keep telling her he wants better ones.

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