My neighbor the lonely wife

I was a college student living in a garage apartment by myself. My roommate had moved out. These apartments were a dime a dozen around the campus. Below me lived a couple, married students, they lived in the house. She was a small woman, and wore simple dresses and when she bent over I could see her panties from behind. I never really understood why she bent over at the waist and didn't lower herself in a more modest manner by bending at the knees. And why she always seemed to do those things, like bend over with her legs a bit apart, and her dress way too high, and her panties and the bulge caught between her legs. It made me hard.

Her husband was a grad student in the Biology department and he ran the Biology research lab on campus. When he had to be there late or overnight she came upstairs and knocked on my door and came inside. She sat with her legs open, her dress up high, she flashed her panties at me all the time. She caught me looking and she put her hands on her lap and told me that I shouldn't look at a woman's parts like that. But it was her, always flashing, letting me see her nipples under her top as she bent down, her panties by bending over, or sitting with her legs open.

She was upstairs with me one night when her husband had the grave shift overnight. We had dinner, a casserole she brought over and she was washing up the dishes and I excused myself and said I had to pee. She said something like 'I want to watch' and she went into the bathroom with me and sat on the edge of the tub and watched me pee. When I was done and about to shake the last drops out she held my hand and took my p**** in her hand and put it in her mouth and sucked the last drops out. "My husband likes that, do you?" and then "I like the taste of pee". And then just like that she pulled her panties down and told me to move and she sat down.

She kept her legs open and she held my hand. Her eyes watered a little and when she was done she stood up with out wiping and told me to lick her clean. That's how it started, she asked me if I wanted to see some 'b****', a tittie flash and she pulled up her top. She walked to the bedroom and pulled her panties off and got on the bed on her knees and pulled her skirt up over her back and laid her face down in the pillow telling me she wanted to feel it, every inch and not to let her down.

She was like that, once we did it, we did it again and again. When I got back to the apartment she came up and showed me she didn't have panties on. She wanted it sitting up on the sink, leaning over holding onto a kitchen chair, laid out on the bed, with her backside high up and holding onto a pillow. 'Just do it', long before Nike stole the slogan from her. For those months, even when the weather changed and it got cooler, we had s** upstairs in my apartment, before her husband came home.

I graduated and she gave me a gift, a pencil drawing she made sitting in front of a mirror, of her thighs and her pair of panties with little flowers on them. I kept that little drawing for many years and in a move I lost it, but not the memories. She was one charged up girl, and it was my pleasure to service her while her husband slaved away at he lab.

May 11

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