Mexican Lesbians are different

My name is Isabel, I was born on he Mexican side of the border and my mother and her friend waded across the river with me when I was two days old. My mother got work cleaning offices and her friend got work in a restaurant. I grew up sleeping with them and from the earliest of times I felt my mothers beside me having s**. As I grew older, seven, eight, nine I slept on a campout on the floor in their room. When they had s** I would watch and sometimes I got in bed between them. It always felt good to be between them when they made love.

There was no privacy of any kind. We dressed and undressed, the small trailer had a bathroom with no lock and s** and s** and s** was an everyday affair. When I was eleven I asked my mother to tell me for real who my father was, Up to that time she always said he was an ordinary man. But my other mother told me that my father was Don Ignacio, where my mother worked as a maid in Monterrey.

When I was 19 I went to Monterrey with my girlfriend Denise to look for my father. He wouldn't recognize me and told me never to show up at his house again. The door was closed and we went back to San Antonio and moved out of my mother's house to live with Denise. Denise was a third generation, she looked very Mexican, long hair, hips and b******. I was jealous of her, I grew up with very narrow hips and small b****** and a desire for a girlfriend. Denise grew up boy crazy. I was totally in love with Denise. I loved making love with Denise, to me she was everything I thought a woman should look like. Denise bought me boy cut jeans and boy shirts because I wore the pants in the house.

Denise's boss got her pregnant. One night after work she and some friends from work had gone out and he showed up and he had s** with Denise and she got pregnant. It hurt me a lot, but I was exited at her pregnancy and as her belly grew I got more and more exited. To me Denise pregnant was the true woman, that's what every woman should look like. Her boss came to our house to bring a gift for the baby and he told me he wanted to get me pregnant too. He 'took' me and got me pregnant. I guess he's the man when it comes to impregnating lesbians.

I enjoyed my pregnancy, my b****** got bigger and my belly grew and grew. Denise liked me pregnant and soon we had two little girls to take care of. Her boss paid for everything but when he came to see us we had to 'let' him. Especially Denise. We got pregnant again because we wanted another baby, and we made him believe he was the man.

We live in a house with a yard and washer and dryer. I work in sales and Denise takes care of the kids. I wear the pants and she wears dresses for me. We make love but our kids have their own room and we don't let them watch us have 's**'. The man pays for everything and when he comes over we 'let' him. He's the man of the house, it's his house and he is the father of the children.

May 11

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  • Awesome. You are living the dream.

    Way to go. Enjoy each other and take what you can from that h**** rich man

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